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Offer Letter Wizard

Offer Letter Wizard

Discover how to use our Offer Letter Wizard to easily create and send an attractive offer letter to your Applicant.


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September 14, 2015


  1. Click  through  this  slideshow  to  learn     about  our

     brand  new…    
  2. Start  by  customizing  your  Offer  Le;er  template   Go  to

     Account  Details  and  then  click  on  the  Offer  Le2ers  icon  
  3. Highlight  your  Company’s  benefits  &  policies  

  4. Next,  find  your  applicant  and  click  on  the  “Send  

    Offer”  bu;on  
  5. Use  the  Wizard  to  create  an  Offer  Le;er  

  6. Edit  Applicant  &  Offer  details  as  needed  

  7. Customize  your  standard  Offer  Le;er  template   for  your  Applicant

  8. Preview  and  send  the  Offer  Le;er  to  your   Applicant

  9. Offer  Le;er  sent  confirmaNon  message  

  10. Applicant  receives  an  email  with  the  Offer  Le;er  

  11. Applicant  digitally  signs/accepts  Offer  Le;er  

  12. Signed  Offer  Le;er  stored  on  Applicant’s  profile  

  13. Welcome  your  new  Employee  to  the  Team!