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Reference Checks - The Applicant Experience

Reference Checks - The Applicant Experience


  1. What happens once you order a Reference Check? After you

    create a Candidate, what does the Candidate see?
  2. Let's say you just entered a Candidate named Owen. Owen

    will receive an email that explains the process and provides a link to enter their References.
  3. Once Owen opens the link in their email, they will

    be asked to verify their information and sign a waiver authorizing your organization to contact their References.
  4. Owen will then enter details of their References. Once complete,

    they will select the link "Send Email to References" to initiate the process. Owen can return to this page as often a they like to check the status of their responses. Note: Owen cannot see the rating provided by their references.
  5. After Owen submits their References, each Reference will receive an

    email request with a link to complete a survey.
  6. Each Reference will verify the information provided by Owen, and

    any changes will be reflected in the report. Then, they fill out the survey and provide their own thoughts on Owen's strengths and areas to improve.
  7. Once the minimum number of References have been received, you’ll

    receive an email notification that Owen's report is ready to run.
  8. You’ll then get an email from our team with the

    report attached. The report will also be uploaded to the Restricted Files tab in the Applicant Profile.