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Effective Distributed Test Teams

Fd80f9c58b06270d42356dd77a32defa?s=47 Jim Holmes
April 19, 2012

Effective Distributed Test Teams

My talk from StarEast on how to get distributed test teams (or ANY distributed team) working effectively. Pro Tip: There are no magic bullets, just a lot of hard work and constant monitoring for things to adapt.


Jim Holmes

April 19, 2012


  1. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0  Making  Distributed  

    Tes%ng  Teams   Work (Effec%vely,  Even!)
  2. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 @aJimHolmes FrazzledDad.com bit.ly/JimAtTestStudio

  3. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 What  Makes  

    Great   Distributed  Test   Teams?
  4. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 The  same  things

     that   make  great  co-­‐located   teams!
  5. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 This  is  the

     op%mum Menlo  Ins%tute  (www.menloinnova%ons.com)  in  Ann  Arbor,  MI.    Courtesy  of  @RobGibbens
  6. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0

  7. Map:  h-p://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/BlankMap-­‐World-­‐large.png Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 This

     was  the  my  reality
  8. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 How  to  get

      from  this to  this? Map:  h-p://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/BlankMap-­‐World-­‐ large.png
  9. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With 9

    Trust Communica9on Process
  10. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With Trust

  11. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 11

  12. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Find  Great  Folks

  13. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Use  Your  Networks

  14. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Ge]ng  unknown  

  15. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Use  A  Ques%onnaire

  16. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 PAIRING!

  17. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Working  with  

  18. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 USE  THE  SAME

  19. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Mindset   Ma-ers

  20. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With Communica9on

  21. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 GIVEN  I  have

     an  issue  to  discuss WHEN  I  chose  how  to  communicate THEN  phone  or  Skype  are  greater     than  instant  message AND  instant  message  is  greater     than  e-­‐mail
  22. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Time  Zones  Ma-er

    6  PM 12  AM 3  PM
  23. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Find  Great  Tools

  24. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 (or  at  least

     ones  that  suck  the  least)
  25. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Get  Communica%ng IM

     +  Skype,  FTW! Campfirenow.com IRC
  26. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 26

  27. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Interac%ve  /  Pairing

    SharedView  (Windows) TeamViewer  ($) Join.me
  28. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Sharing  (one  way)

    WebEx.com LiveMee%ng GotoMee%ng.com
  29. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 29 Photo: Mike

    Thomas http://tinyurl.com/2av8aqd/  
  30. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With Process

  31. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Op%mal Courtesy  of

  32. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0

  33. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 33

  34. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Work  Tracking AgileZen

    Pivotal  Tracker Unfuddle Hosted  TFS
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  36. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Collabora%on  Isn’t  Just

     a  Buzzword
  37. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Planning  /  Storyboarding

  38. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Share  Notes Titanpad.com

  39. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 DO  YUR  RETROSPECTIVZ,

     K? Twiddla.com
  40. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 The  Mechanics  

    of  Tes%ng
  41. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Distributed  Tes%ng  

    ==   More  Infrastructure
  42. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Distributed  Tes%ng  

    ==   More  Self-­‐Reliance
  43. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Distributed  Tes%ng  

    ==   More  Automa%on
  44. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 A  Day  In

     The   Life...
  45. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Whole  Team  Standup

  46. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Whole   Team

     Standup Not  just  “Test  Team”
  47. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Leverage  Timezones (And

     OVER  communicate!)
  48. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Leverage  Skills (Automa%on,

     exploratory,  building  support   APIs,  baseline  datasets,  etc.)
  49. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Don’t  Skip  Slack

  50. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 What  Makes  

    Great   Distributed  Test   Teams?
  51. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 The  same  things

     that   make  great  co-­‐located   teams!
  52. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 @aJimHolmes FrazzledDad.com bit.ly/JimAtTestStudio