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Effective Distributed Test Teams

Jim Holmes
April 19, 2012

Effective Distributed Test Teams

My talk from StarEast on how to get distributed test teams (or ANY distributed team) working effectively. Pro Tip: There are no magic bullets, just a lot of hard work and constant monitoring for things to adapt.

Jim Holmes

April 19, 2012

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  1. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0  Making  Distributed  

    Tes%ng  Teams   Work (Effec%vely,  Even!)
  2. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 @aJimHolmes FrazzledDad.com bit.ly/JimAtTestStudio

  3. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 What  Makes  

    Great   Distributed  Test   Teams?
  4. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 The  same  things

     that   make  great  co-­‐located   teams!
  5. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 This  is  the

     op%mum Menlo  Ins%tute  (www.menloinnova%ons.com)  in  Ann  Arbor,  MI.    Courtesy  of  @RobGibbens
  6. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0

  7. Map:  h-p://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/BlankMap-­‐World-­‐large.png Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 This

     was  the  my  reality
  8. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 How  to  get

      from  this to  this? Map:  h-p://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/BlankMap-­‐World-­‐ large.png
  9. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With 9

    Trust Communica9on Process
  10. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With Trust

  11. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 11

  12. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Find  Great  Folks

  13. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Use  Your  Networks

  14. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Ge]ng  unknown  

  15. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Use  A  Ques%onnaire

  16. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 PAIRING!

  17. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Working  with  

  18. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 USE  THE  SAME

  19. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Mindset   Ma-ers

  20. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With Communica9on

  21. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 GIVEN  I  have

     an  issue  to  discuss WHEN  I  chose  how  to  communicate THEN  phone  or  Skype  are  greater     than  instant  message AND  instant  message  is  greater     than  e-­‐mail
  22. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Time  Zones  Ma-er

    6  PM 12  AM 3  PM
  23. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Find  Great  Tools

  24. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 (or  at  least

     ones  that  suck  the  least)
  25. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Get  Communica%ng IM

     +  Skype,  FTW! Campfirenow.com IRC
  26. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 26

  27. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Interac%ve  /  Pairing

    SharedView  (Windows) TeamViewer  ($) Join.me
  28. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Sharing  (one  way)

    WebEx.com LiveMee%ng GotoMee%ng.com
  29. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 29 Photo: Mike

    Thomas http://tinyurl.com/2av8aqd/  
  30. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Deal  With Process

  31. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Op%mal Courtesy  of

  32. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0

  33. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 33

  34. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Work  Tracking AgileZen

    Pivotal  Tracker Unfuddle Hosted  TFS
  35. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Boost   Collabora%on

  36. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Collabora%on  Isn’t  Just

     a  Buzzword
  37. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Planning  /  Storyboarding

  38. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Share  Notes Titanpad.com

  39. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 DO  YUR  RETROSPECTIVZ,

     K? Twiddla.com
  40. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 The  Mechanics  

    of  Tes%ng
  41. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Distributed  Tes%ng  

    ==   More  Infrastructure
  42. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Distributed  Tes%ng  

    ==   More  Self-­‐Reliance
  43. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Distributed  Tes%ng  

    ==   More  Automa%on
  44. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 A  Day  In

     The   Life...
  45. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Whole  Team  Standup

  46. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Whole   Team

     Standup Not  just  “Test  Team”
  47. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Leverage  Timezones (And

     OVER  communicate!)
  48. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Leverage  Skills (Automa%on,

     exploratory,  building  support   APIs,  baseline  datasets,  etc.)
  49. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Don’t  Skip  Slack

  50. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 What  Makes  

    Great   Distributed  Test   Teams?
  51. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 The  same  things

     that   make  great  co-­‐located   teams!
  52. Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 @aJimHolmes FrazzledDad.com bit.ly/JimAtTestStudio