Effective Distributed Test Teams

Fd80f9c58b06270d42356dd77a32defa?s=47 Jim Holmes
April 19, 2012

Effective Distributed Test Teams

My talk from StarEast on how to get distributed test teams (or ANY distributed team) working effectively. Pro Tip: There are no magic bullets, just a lot of hard work and constant monitoring for things to adapt.


Jim Holmes

April 19, 2012


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     op%mum Menlo  Ins%tute  (www.menloinnova%ons.com)  in  Ann  Arbor,  MI.    Courtesy  of  @RobGibbens
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    Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 How  to  get

      from  this to  this? Map:  h-p://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/BlankMap-­‐World-­‐ large.png
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     an  issue  to  discuss WHEN  I  chose  how  to  communicate THEN  phone  or  Skype  are  greater     than  instant  message AND  instant  message  is  greater     than  e-­‐mail
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    Crea%ve  Commons  A-ribu%on  Non-­‐Commercial  Share  Alike  3.0 Leverage  Skills (Automa%on,

     exploratory,  building  support   APIs,  baseline  datasets,  etc.)