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Odd Parallels Between Weightlifting and Software Delivery

Jim Holmes
October 06, 2021

Odd Parallels Between Weightlifting and Software Delivery

Presented at Centric Consulting's CampIO, an internal technology conference.

This talk speaks to interesting things I re-learned while starting highly technical Olympic weightlifting. In the midst of lots of hard work I found my mind wandering to interesting ideas about the criticality of breaking complex things into small pieces, the importance of having a coach, setting goals, and several other similar things. There were so many parallels between what I was learning in the gym and approaches I use daily in my day job working in software delivery.

The deck is my usual gonzo style, but you may find it interesting. I hope to post a public video of the talk sometime in November, 2021.

Jim Holmes

October 06, 2021

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