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Leadership 101 Workshop

Fd80f9c58b06270d42356dd77a32defa?s=47 Jim Holmes
January 06, 2015

Leadership 101 Workshop

Deck from the workshop I presented at CodeMash 2015. This four hour workshop helps you decide if and why you should become a leader (or improve your current leadership skills). It also helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, plus gives you concrete action items for becoming a great leader.

See also my book "The Leadership Journey": http://bit.ly/leadershipjourney.

Also useful: My talk "It's Not About You" at the KalamazooX Conference 2013: http://vimeo.com/68908830


Jim Holmes

January 06, 2015


  1. Leadership 101 Starting or Changing Your Leadership Journey

  2. Jim Holmes Guidepost Systems Jim@GuidepostSystems.com @aJimHolmes http://bit.ly/leadershipjourney

  3. Workshop Format

  4. Four hours

  5. With breaks!

  6. Talk Exercises Sharing


  8. None
  9. The Law of Two Feet

  10. None
  11. Lead What?

  12. Job

  13. Community

  14. Volunteer

  15. This Workshop’s Goals

  16. Do you Want to become a Leader?

  17. Why should you become a Leader

  18. How to become a Leader

  19. Start defining your style as Leader

  20. See Success as a Leader

  21. Run an awesome team

  22. Leave with a roadmap

  23. Why Become a Leader?

  24. Too few good ones

  25. Filling a Gap

  26. Self-Fulfillment

  27. Exercise: List two reasons why you should become a leader

  28. Section One

  29. What Makes a Great Leader?

  30. Exercise: List things YOU think make a great leader

  31. None
  32. None
  33. None
  34. Exercise: List two strengths, two weaknesses YOU have

  35. Exercise: Best strength: How to leverage Worst weakness: How to

  36. Finishing Up

  37. Clear picture: What a leader should be?

  38. Clear picture: What you can work on?

  39. Section Two

  40. Growing Into Leadership

  41. “I want to be a leader. What next?”

  42. Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  43. A Leader needs to be confident

  44. (…but never arrogant!)

  45. Exercise: List two concerns why you shouldn’t become a leader

  46. Exercise: Validate those reasons eg: Throw out bogus ones!

  47. Exercise: Got a valid reason? How can you address it?

  48. Learn the mission

  49. Demonstrate Aptitude, Ability, and Desire

  50. Ask for more responsibility!

  51. Communication Communication Communication

  52. It’s about them not you

  53. BTW, that “misunderstanding” thing?

  54. It’s your fault, not your team’s

  55. DISC

  56. Decisive Interactive Stability Cautious

  57. None
  58. O’Grady’s Instigator vs Empathizer

  59. Wait Ten Minutes

  60. Exercise: What one step can you take to grow as

    a Leader?
  61. Finishing Up

  62. Clear picture: What can you do to move into leadership?

  63. Clear picture: What can you do to improve your communication?

  64. Section Three

  65. Be A Great Leader

  66. “How do I pull this off?”

  67. “(And not fall on my face!)”

  68. Learn more of the mission

  69. Manage Expectations up and down

  70. Exercise: How would you tell your boss “No” ?

  71. Foster success

  72. Small victories

  73. Safe to fail

  74. Smart failures vs Dumb failures

  75. Exercise: What’s one small victory you had that went unnoticed?

  76. Reviews

  77. Dealing with difficult people

  78. FUD

  79. None
  80. Exercise: What’s your biggest blocker when discussing tough issues?

  81. Staying the course

  82. Find feedback loops

  83. Finishing Up

  84. Clear picture: What ideas do you have for your Leadership

  85. Clear picture: What do you need to learn in your

  86. Section Four

  87. Taking Care of YOU

  88. Find a Mentor

  89. RIGHT

  90. NOW

  91. Exercise: Got a mentor? How are they helpful? No gots?

    List two or three candidates
  92. Become a time management super hero

  93. Learn to say …

  94. “Sorry. No.”

  95. Work / Life Balance is not a myth!

  96. Finishing Up

  97. Clear picture: Know what you want from a mentor?

  98. Clear picture: What to prioritize your time on?

  99. Section Five

  100. Odds and Ends

  101. Mentor your team

  102. Build broad shoulders

  103. Don’t sweat the small stuff (And it’s not all small

  104. Open your door

  105. Answer.Default == “Yes”;

  106. You’re part of the team. You’re not in the team.

  107. Value your elites. Empower others to become elite.

  108. Praise in public. Criticize in private.

  109. Finishing Up

  110. Clear picture: What ideas do you have for your Leadership

  111. Clear picture: What do you need to learn in your

  112. Endgame

  113. Clear picture: Leverage your strengths

  114. Clear picture: Mitigate your weaknesses

  115. Exercise: Roadmap

  116. Thank You!

  117. Jim Holmes Guidepost Systems Jim@GuidepostSystems.com @aJimHolmes http://bit.ly/leadershipjourney