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Creating Great Installers - Cleveland WPF

Fec6a312fc2dff26897c287bd941cdd8?s=47 Joe Kuemerle
November 21, 2012

Creating Great Installers - Cleveland WPF

Whether you are creating applications to run on millions of desktops or server side applications that only your network administrators will set up, your most lasting impression will be that of your installation experience. This session will give an overview of the free WiX toolset and how to create and maintain a great installer. We will then dive deeper into the flexibility provided by WiX by integrating it into our build script, perform deep customization of the installation process, ensure correct prerequisites are installed and provision other services like IIS configuration and database deployments. Attend and learn about how to make a great first impression with WiX.


Joe Kuemerle

November 21, 2012


  1. Creating Great Installers Joe Kuemerle @jkuemerle / www.kuemerle.com

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