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Wanted: Link wranglers - Taming your website's wild herd

Josep M
September 15, 2023

Wanted: Link wranglers - Taming your website's wild herd

Here's the deck from my last talk at BrightonSEO Sept 2023.

In it a share a method to extract all the internal links for a specific area of the website, usually the blog. Here, I share with you how I do this using Screaming Frog and then export all the information into Looker Studio, to give a detailed view of all internal links (with anchor texts and URLs). You will learn how to extract all the internal links on your website, analyse them and optimise them to improve traffic and rankings.

Feel free to contact me for any doubt :-)

Hope you find it helpful!

Josep M Felip

Josep M

September 15, 2023


  1. Wanted: Link Wranglers Taming your site's wild herd Josep M

 Learning Technologies Group PLC Speakerdeck.com/jmfelip @jmfelip
  2. #BrightonSEO SEOs Internal links Howdy Partners?Tired of seeing your internal

    links running wild across your website like unbroken stallions? Grab your spurs, saddle up and let’s lasso them into an optimised herd. And let’s get your website galloping ahead of your competition 

  3. internal links make bots happy #BrightonSEO That’s what they were

    created for! So let’s give them links to discover and let’s pray to Google almighty for all of them to be indexed!
  4. Better User experience #BrightonSEO Internal links guide our users to

    the most important pages where they will discover more content, spend more time, reduce bounce rate, and hopefully…
  5. Logical information structure #BrightonSEO Internal links help us create a

    logical information structure, for SE quickly discover and understand what the site is about. By categorising content we create topical authority and we tell Google our site is relevant to users and worth ranking
  6. Relevancy #BrightonSEO Internal links help us to get more relevancy.

    We can influence the relevancy of certain kwds with the anchor text and associate specific kwds to that page to improve rankings
  7. Which links do we want? #BrightonSEO All those links that

    can be more relevant to influence the destination page. Those links surrounded by a good semantic field, from a page that attracts good amount of traffic. 

  8. How do we get them? #BrightonSEO Ladies and Gentlemen, let

    me introduce you to 
 The Magnificent Three! 

  9. Config - Custom > Link Positions #BrightonSEO Open Screaming Frog,

    go to the Crawl config menu, Custom, then Custom link positions 

  10. JM Felip -SEO Manager Config - Custom > Link Positions

    #BrightonSEO Here are the Semantic HTML tags where SF is going to look for links. Awesome, isn’t it? 

  11. < header > < nav > < aside < section

    < section < footer > < main Semantic html #BrightonSEO We actually want to get the links within the <main> tag (associated to a class). Why? 
 Because there are the links with more potential to influence destinationg pages, surrounded with a good semantic field.
  12. JM Felip -SEO Manager Link Positions #BrightonSEO We tell SF

    to get the links within our selected class for the<main> tag. In this case “post_content”. 
 1. Click Add 2. Move it up just below <head> 1 2
  13. JM Felip -SEO Manager getting blog class #BrightonSEO But how

    do we get that class? Easy! From a previous regular crawl. Select a URL
  14. getting blog class #BrightonSEO Go to the INLINKS tab and

    look for the Link Path colum. There you’ll see the class for that link from the Content position
  15. getting blog class #BrightonSEO Here’s a bit larger. In this

    case we only need what’s inside the quotes. 
 But what happens if we don’t have a class? Well, then we can use the ID
  16. getting id/xpath #BrightonSEO If there’s no class, it’s likely that

    the main area has an ID. You just get this path, the DIV where the ID is, and chuck it into your custom link position
  17. JM Felip -SEO Manager Export links to gsheet #BrightonSEO Once

    we’ve run our crawl it’s time to export our links to the spreadsheet, our warehouse. 
 We’ll select all the URLs from the crawl
  18. JM Felip -SEO Manager Export links to gsheet #BrightonSEO Then,

    from the lower part, we go to the INLINKS tab and select EXPORT. 
 This will create a CSV file that we’ll export to our Google Drive
  19. JM Felip -SEO Manager Clean up your sheet #BrightonSEO x

    x Now that we have our data in the spreadhseet, it’s time to clean it up. Make sure you exclude all non-wanted links, like these ones from the Sitemap
  20. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO From the template I’m

    gonna share with you, we connect our spreadsheet to Looker Studio. There are 3 sections, broken down here. 
 This is the first one where you select the URL you want to focus on. There are some handy filters (URL & Anchor). 
 You can see where all the links come from in the score cards.
  21. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO The second area is

    where we have all the data for the focus URL: where the links come from, anchor text, the link position and the number of links
  22. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO The 3rd area, at

    the bottom, is where you can see the stats: where the links come from and the % of them over the total. To the right, you see anchor texts used and % over total
  23. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO In detail: we select

    the URL that we want to focus on. Then you’ll see how all the data changes
  24. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO Here we can see

    how all the data has changed and where the links are coming from for that particular URL.
  25. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO Here you can see

    we’ve applied the filter and we can only see the links coming from the blog
  26. Taming links with looker studio #BrightonSEO And finally, here we

    can see the stats. Quite important: how many anchor texts are we using to link to the destination page. This is where you get creative folks!
  27. Results #BrightonSEO If we’ve done our job well, here’re the

    results after taming your links and work them out! 
 A bit more than 20 positions up in only 15 days!
  28. Results #BrightonSEO And here a jump of around 30 to

    60 positions up! In only 15 days!
  29. Look for a unique class. If not possible, create your

    own or get the xPath 
 #BrightonSEO Takeaway