Breaking Down Fear

Breaking Down Fear

Everyone deals with fear, but not everyone is controlled by it. Green developers in particular stress particularly around their work. It can feel like every misstep (or even potential misstep) spells doom for our entire careers.

In this talk, we’re going to take a hard look at the things that make us afraid to act. We’ll work to understand why we’re so scared, and what we can do to deal with that fear. By the end, you’ll have the concrete skills you need to overcome your fears and accomplish your goals.


Joseph Mastey

October 08, 2015


  1. Breaking Down Fear Joe Mastey & Blake Thomas October 8,

  2. hi

  3. let’s talk about opportunity

  4. super low unemployment low barrier to entry solve big problems

    start your own thing 4,050 tech meetups in Chicago = awesome life
  5. and about fear…

  6. finding jobs sucks being ignorant again sucks good solutions often

    lose starting your own thing is risky networking is scary and public speaking sucks = shitty life
  7. failure == I’m worthless

  8. don’t worry about it!

  9. I’ll do it later.

  10. let’s do better

  11. A 4 Step Process for Breaking Down Fear

  12. admit 1.

  13. Why so scared?

  14. fear is the mindkiller

  15. demystify 2.

  16. list all the scary consequences you can

  17. abstraction irrationality indigence failure shark attacks embarrassment

  18. I’ll never get another job. :(

  19. I’ll never get another job in tech. :(

  20. it’ll take me a long time to get another job.

    maybe longer than I can afford to wait. :’(
  21. abstraction rationality rational & concrete irrational & abstract irrational &

    concrete rational & abstract
  22. act 3.

  23. you suck at interviewing. practice.

  24. you don’t know how to do a talk. study.

  25. failing would bankrupt you. de-escalate.

  26. you have confidence issues. develop.

  27. still so afraid. :( break the seal.

  28. take the shot

  29. review 4.

  30. how’d it go?

  31. don’t waste a good failure

  32. sometimes you don’t know

  33. strengthen the muscle

  34. Three Practical Examples

  35. applying for a new job 1.

  36. demystify admit repeat act review applying for a new job

  37. sharing what you’ve learned (esp. public speaking) 2.

  38. demystify admit repeat act review sharing what you’ve learned

  39. screwing up or appearing ignorant 3.

  40. demystify admit repeat act review screwing up or appearing ignorant

  41. closing thanks!