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Building a Self-Sustaining Culture of Learning v2

Building a Self-Sustaining Culture of Learning v2

In an industry that changes technologies so often, learning is a matter of survival. Not only that, but research shows that it increases retention and engagement in employees. Yet, most companies leave employees to train and learn after work and in the margins. Let’s take a look at how you -- as a regular employee -- can help build a culture that encourages and rewards learning, even when time and money are tight. You’ll walk away equipped to start building momentum at any level in your organization towards constant learning and improvement.

Joseph Mastey

August 20, 2016

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  1. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey &GGFDUJWFMZ #VJMEJOHB 4FMG4VTUBJOJOH $VMUVSFPG-FBSOJOH

  2. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey MFBSOJOHJOPSHBOJ[BUJPOTJT GVOEBNFOUBMMZCSPLFO

  3. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey Kate Heddleston

  4. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey

  5. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey CFOFGJUTPGPOHPJOHMFBSOJOH scale better by reducing team debt

    attract and retain amazing people bring in fresh ideas reduce waste allow “repotting” and cross-training
  6. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey FYDVTFTBCPVOE

  7. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey “We really just need the CTO and

    the CEO to make this a priority.” – Me, a long time ago
  8. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey “If we could pause our current projects

    and deadlines for a few weeks…” – Someone like me
  9. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey – Some manager of mine “We’re dedicated

    to investing in our people, but we’re in a crunch right now.”
  10. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey

  11. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey BCPVUNFBOENZXPSL

  12. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey OPUBUFBDIFS  CVUUIBU`TPLBZ

  13. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey #VJMEJOH-FBSOJOH$VMUVSF JO5ISFF/PU&OUJSFMZ&BTZ4UFQT


  15. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 1IBTF Guerrilla Learning

  16. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XIBUJUMPPLTMJLF high resistance to taking time away

    from shipping ad-hoc learning onboarding by oral tradition few folks driving learning
  17. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey UIFBQQSPBDI think opportunistically focus on fast returns

    for low investment improve people at their primary roles
  18. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XIBUXPSLFE attend meetups open book policy new

    hire buddies
 cross-team code reviews lunch workshops watch talks as a group
  19. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 6OMJNJUFE#PPL1PMJDZ

  20. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey /FX)JSF#VEEJFT

  21. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey QIBTFEBOHFST low credibility people latch onto failed

    attempts overcoming inertia fear of looking dumb
  22. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 1IBTF Expand to Others

  23. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XIBUJUMPPLTMJLF new hires learn a bit, existing

    employees mostly ignored people want more, but aren’t empowered some teams learn as a group small, somewhat standardized onboarding a small core of folks drive learning
  24. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey UIFBQQSPBDI start using longer payoff opportunities start

    cross-training leverage internal experts seed good role models mentor the mentors
  25. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XIBUXPSLFE host / speak at meetups internal

    workshops attend conferences dedicated onboarding
 weekly tech talks new hires as buddies ✤ open source participation
  26. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey +VOJPST$PEF3FWJFXJOH4FOJPST

  27. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 8FFLMZ5BMLT

  28. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey QIBTFEBOHFST key personnel leaving perception of “spending

    too much time” mentor burnout
  29. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 1IBTF Make it Stick

  30. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XIBUJUMPPLTMJLF learning is becoming boringly normal momentum

    and reputation sustain efforts dedicated learning for all engineers
  31. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey UIFBQQSPBDI make them forget that learning and

    teaching was ever not part of their job everyone in the department gets involved try riskier things without destroying momentum
  32. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XIBUXPSLFE 20% time / exploration apprenticeships three-part

 learning as a job requirement teaching as a job requirement
  33. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 5ISFF1BSU0OCPBSEJOH

  34. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey 4JY.POUI"QQSFOUJDFTIJQ

  35. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey QIBTFEBOHFST payoffs are hard to measure, but

    costs are visible nobody personally responsible losing the habit (deadlines again!) an active chaos of new ideas
  36. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey

  37. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey TFMGTVTUFOBODF

  38. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey XSBQQJOHVQ

  39. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey CFJOHBYEFWFMPQFSNFBOT CFJOHBGPSDFNVMUJQMJFS

  40. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey DPNFUBMLUPNF

  41. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey NZSFRVFTUUPZPV

  42. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey UIBOLT

  43. https://tinyurl.com/jmlearningtalk | @jmmastey SFGFSFODFTSFBEJOH Some images from https://www.flickr.com/photos/wocintechchat/albums https://www.kateheddleston.com/blog/onboarding-and-the-cost-of-team-debt http://leveluprails.com