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WordPress: A 💖 Story

March 03, 2017

WordPress: A 💖 Story

At CMS Africa, I was asked to give a talk about WordPress. WordPress is very big, so I decided to focus on my personal story with WordPress. I made my first website somewhere in the early 2000s using Macromedia Flash, but when discovering WordPress, I fell in love straight away. It let me focus on content instead of having to FTP every tiny update.

Today I work for the WooCommerce team at Automattic and use WordPress for almost every single aspect of my work. How about you?


March 03, 2017

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  6. “ ” AUTOMATTIC.COM We are passionate about making
 the web

    a better place.
 We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.
  7. • Use WordPress
 WordPress.com / WordPress.org • Contribute to WordPress

    make.wordpress.org • Work with WordPress
 automattic.com/work-with-us How about you? $