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Prepping your week visibly for your team

June 15, 2019

Prepping your week visibly for your team

Team leads have a lot of different things to work on. Each one of us at Automattic seems to use some form of todo-lists and calendars, but most of these (especially the lists) are personal.

In my talk at our leads meetup in London, I focused on making this process more public to the team in order to build rapport with team members.


June 15, 2019

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  1. How to prep you week
    on a P2
    (so your team members know what’s happening)
    Automattic HappyLeads Meetup 2019

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  2. Exercise
    • How you plan your daily work?

    - Which apps/tools do you use?

    - How do you prioritise?

    • When do you plan your daily work?

    • What are the biggest challenges?

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  3. Team Epsilon

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  4. My current workflow
    • When? Last thing on last day of week

    • Which tools?

    - P2: Public todo list

    - TextExpander: Snippet with recurring items

    - Basecamp: Todos with projects across weeks

    - Alfred: Opens calendar and Basecamp

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  5. Does it work?


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  6. Improving our workflow
    • How do you:

    - Keep track of recurring tasks? And project progress?

    - Communicate your work with those to your team? 

    And to your peers/LOL?

    • How could you improve:

    - Prioritisation/planning?

    - Communication thereof?

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