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What's New in Android (#io15)

What's New in Android (#io15)

Slides presented at my talk during Google I/O 2015 Extended Baguio

Jomar Tigcal

June 20, 2015

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  1. Jomar Tigcal • GDG Philippines Community Manager • Android Developer

    • Have personal Android apps on Google Play Store
  2. Android M • The next version of Android • Improving

    the core user experience of Android • Big changes to the fundamentals of the platform
  3. Android M Developer Preview • Available at https: //developer. android.

    com/preview • For Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player • With OTA updates
  4. Android M App Development Android M (API 22, MNC Preview)

    compileSdkVersion:'android-MNC' minSdkVersion:'MNC' targetSdkVersion:'MNC'
  5. Doze • prolongs battery life • detects when app is

    on standby mode to conserve power • still active for alarms or incoming requests
  6. Fingerprint Support • Add standard fingerprint support to any app

    • Unlock device • Authorize Play Store and Android Pay payments
  7. Chrome Custom Tabs • Custom webview running Chrome to open

    web pages • Automatic sign-ins, saved passwords, preferences, autofill https://developer.chrome. com/multidevice/android/customtabs
  8. … and more New app drawer RAM Manager Adoptable Storage

    Devices USB Type C Support Floating Clipboard Toolbar Simplifed Volume Control
  9. New APIs New Stylus API Renderscript Compute Camera: Torch Audio:

    android.media.midi, Higher resolution audio,
  10. Google Play Services 7.5 • Smart Lock for Passwords •

    Google Cloud Messaging • Android Wear • Google Fit • App Invites Beta • … and more!
  11. App Invites • Enable your users to share your app

    with people they know • Actionable invite cards • Personalized onboarding flows https://developers.google.com/app-invites/
  12. Android Design Support Library compile 'com.android.support:design:22.2.0' • Navigation View •

    Floating labels for editing text • Floating action button • Snackbar • Tabs • … and more
  13. Android Studio 1.3 • NDK and C/C++ support • Simultaneous

    visual layout builder and layout editor • Available in Canary Channel
  14. Data Binding • connect data model to UI elements •

    pre-processed at build time https://developer.android.com/tools/data- binding/guide.html
  15. New in Google Play Developer Console • Store Listing Experiments

    • Developer Pages • GCM Diagnostics • Universal app campaigns • Acquisition and Conversion Funnel • Player Analytics • Cloud Test Lab
  16. Cloud Test Lab • Test APKs on devices on the

    cloud • With automated reports and scaling support. • Free
  17. Android Pay • Pay via phone on stores with NFC

    terminals • Virtual account number • Add in-app to pay for products https://www.android.com/pay/
  18. Google Cloud Messaging 3.0 • target both Android, iOS, and

    web • pushes to topic channels https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/
  19. Brillo and Weave • Brillo extends the Android platform to

    connected devices • Weave is the IOT protocol for everything https://developers.google.com/brillo/
  20. Medium Google Developers: http://medium.com/google- developers Developing for Android Article Series:

    https: //medium.com/google-developers/developing- for-android-introduction-5345b451567c
  21. New Android Courses • Android App Development for Beginners: How

    to Make an Android App: https://www. udacity.com/course/android-development-for- beginners--ud837 • Advanced Android app development: Productionize and Publish Your Apps: https: //www.udacity.com/course/advanced-android- app-development--ud855
  22. New Android Courses • Google Play services: Use Google APIs

    to Improve Your Apps (Maps, Location, and more):https://www.udacity.com/course/google- play-services--ud876 • Gradle for Android and Java: Build Better Apps Though Automation with Gradle: https: //www.udacity.com/course/gradle-for-android- and-java--ud867
  23. New Android Courses • Android Ubiquitous Computing: Extend Apps to

    Wearables, TV and Auto: https://www. udacity.com/course/android-ubiquitous- computing--ud875 • Android Performance: Optimizing Apps for Speed and Usability: https://www.udacity. com/course/android-performance--ud825
  24. New Android Courses • Android Design for Developers: Make Your

    Apps Material: https://www.udacity. com/course/android-design-for-developers-- ud862 • … and more at https://www.udacity. com/google
  25. Android @ #io15 • I/O Keynote: https://youtu.be/7V-fIGMDsmE • Android @

    Google I/O 2015: https://www. youtube.com/playlist? list=PLOU2XLYxmsIJkggzcouEOEcnjDIyJNy AN • … and more at https://events.google. com/io2015/videos