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Get off that chair – get digital!

Get off that chair – get digital!

Opening keynote at Booster Conferencee, Bergen, March 2013.

Trying to inspire developers and designers to bring the great Scandinavian design tradition heritage forward into the digital age.

Jonas Söderström

March 16, 2013

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  1. Booster 2013 @ Bergen Get off that chair – get

    digital! Jonas Söderström
  2. The next supermodel Why the world should look at the

    Nordic countries
  3. ” ...one of the region’s biggest weaknesses: ...

  4. ... its failure to bring together design and engineering, two

    of its core strengths.”
  5. ?

  6. Scandinavian design

  7. PH LAMP Designer: Poul Henningsen Year: 1924

  8. PERNILLA CHAIR Designer: Bruno Mathsson Year: 1945

  9. Peter Guthrie / Wikimedia Commons

  10. X-FRAME GLASS TOP TABLE Designer: Tapio Wirkkala Year: 1958

  11. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

  12. PANTON CHAIR Designer: Verner Panton Year: 1960 Erling Mandelmann /

    photo©ErlingMandelmann.ch / CC-BY-SA-3.0
  13. BLUE FIRE Designer: Hertha Bengtsson Year: 1951

  14. TULIP CHAIR Designer: Eero Saarinen Year: 1956

  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. None
  19. Simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

  20. None
  21. What are Scandinavian designers doing today?

  22. Design S

  23. Nominated 2012 were ...

  24. 5 3

  25. 5

  26. 3

  27. None
  28. ... a logotype, a lamp, a can of paint, a

    collection of trays, a syntheziser, chairs, another chair, kitchen ware, another chair, an air cleaner, labels for beer bottles, a wheelchair, tiles, a lamp, a boat, another chair, vases, shoes, a stretcher, a bike helmet, a backpack, a stove, a bookcase, a rug, a braille printer, wheel chair, heat pump, a third world toilet, flower pot, another lamp, another logotype ... and a can of herring.
  29. None
  30. ”a card reader with an app” iZettle

  31. an app (with a card reader) iZettle

  32. So where are the digital products?

  33. BLUE FIRE Designer: Hertha Bengtsson Year: 1960

  34. democratic design ideals

  35. beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be available

    to the wealthy, but to all
  36. in today’s digital world we are the digitally wealthy

  37. Enterprise software sucks

  38. Every day, hundreds of millions of people go to work

  39. hate the piece of shit software they have to use

    to perform their jobs. Singapore-based entrepreneur Yongfook
  40. There is too much startup focus on B2C. Everyone wants

    to be the next whiz-bang app that gets acquired by Google for $50 million. As a startup, your primary goal is to survive. How long until you break even? B2C makes money at scale and through experimenting with different business models - it's not for the faint-hearted or the low-of-funds. ’’
  41. Your payday will come much sooner and more predictably if

    you focus on xing one of the in nite problems that businesses have. Big, medium, small companies - take your pick. They are all riddled with problems to solve. yongfook.com/enterprise ’’
  42. 1/3

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  44. Pay an invoice

  45. Problems with IT @ work 3400 Manpower/Kairos Future 2012 M

    T W T F
  46. Picture: Maria Ålbrant

  47. STUPID BLOODY SYSTEM Jonas Söderström

  48. © Jan Gulliksen, Bengt Göransson och Åsa Cajander 15 years

  49. Don’t dream of this Enterprise –

  50. FIX THIS

  51. Scandinavia could become a world champion in digital design

  52. design Peter Guthrie / Flickr LAMINO CHAIR Designer: Yngve Ekstörm

    Year: 1956
  53. design functional debeer.jonathan / Flickr

  54. design functional ergonomics

  55. design functional ergonomics IT

  56. Scandinavia could become world champion in digital design

  57. ...and anyway, sitting is deadly...

  58. None
  59. ...so get off that chair – let the conference begin!

  60. Thanks! Mail: jonas@kornet.nu Twitter: @Jonas_Blind_Hen Site: javlaskitsystem.se (SWE) stupidsystem.org (ENG)

    Speakerdeck: Jonas Söderström Pelle Sten / Flickr