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Building a Better Us

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September 19, 2013

Building a Better Us

A brief discussion about removing ego from our design process and decisions.



September 19, 2013


  1. building a better us @JOSHHEMSLEY

  2. None
  3. my first speaking event

  4. “i’m going to impress and be amazing”

  5. is this how i design?

  6. what an asshole i am

  7. today is no bullshit day

  8. hi. i’m josh hemsley

  9. my journey here

  10. started dating the girl of my dreams. (I was 12)

  11. drew band logos instead of listening in science class. 1999

    but kept the GF — success!
  12. tried to play college baseball and failed. 2003 but kept

    the GF — success!
  13. dropped out of college and delivered pizzas. 2004 but kept

    the GF — success!
  14. met this thing called myspace. learned html? 2005 but kept

    the GF — success!
  15. girlfriend starts to worry... enrolls me in a design school.

    2005 late
  16. fell in love... with design. 2006 but kept the GF

    — success!
  17. graduated from design school. 2007 and kept the GF —

  18. got my first full- time design job. 2008

  19. moved out of state 2008

  20. bought my first house 2008


  22. PHWW

  23. lost my first design job. 2009 but kept the wife

    — success!
  24. forced into freelance. also did some agency work 2009 mid

  25. we had our first little human. 2009 late

  26. got invited to dribbble 2010

  27. got a full-time job at MyEnergy thanks to dribbble 2010

  28. also started a small virtual agency. 2010 late

  29. we had our 2nd little human 2011

  30. hey look, i’m popular on dribbble 2012

  31. holy job offers batman! but no thanks. 2012

  32. sold MyEnergy. worked at Nest. then began something new. 2013

  33. None
  34. great for inspiration

  35. great for community

  36. great for finding talent

  37. great for job leads

  38. but like i said, no bullshit.

  39. fuel for my ego

  40. approval from peers makes me feel good

  41. None
  42. None
  43. aren’t we lucky?

  44. people crave design

  45. story time

  46. I assumed everything was wrong because it was ugly, so

    I changed it all.
  47. it made everyone frustrated.

  48. our team disappeared.

  49. our team disappeared.

  50. we were an engineering company

  51. evolve design into everything

  52. systematically aesthetically

  53. we built a process

  54. we learned how to communicate

  55. we learned how to adapt

  56. we learned how to simplify

  57. we learned how to iterate

  58. we learned how to solve problems

  59. we built a foundation of design by building better relationships

  60. people matter

  61. the world now knows who the designers are

  62. 600+ open engineers jobs

  63. 2000+ other jobs not related to design

  64. The Design Driven Company

  65. The Design Driven Company

  66. the best design happens away from photoshop when others can

    be involved
  67. Some of the best designers don’t call themselves designers. Find

  68. life/work/design all about interaction, communication and people.

  69. Be proud of what you can do TOGETHER.

  70. don’t be a jerk. say hello. THX