RxJava for Android Developers (Austin Droids Meetup)

9734ee32a2ea0fd5dc35ff3c5dd2ce70?s=47 John Petitto
January 13, 2016

RxJava for Android Developers (Austin Droids Meetup)

The principles of Reactive Programming will be introduced, using RxJava and other related libraries as a vehicle.

Specific examples targeting the Android platform will be demonstrated.

No prior knowledge of Reactive Programming or RxJava is needed.

Presented at http://www.meetup.com/Austin-Android/events/226870556/

Example code: https://github.com/jpetitto/rxjava-android-example

Written narrative: http://johnpetitto.com/rxjava-android-devs/


John Petitto

January 13, 2016