Using Puppet and DSC to Report on Environment Change

Using Puppet and DSC to Report on Environment Change

You already have Puppet and PowerShell DSC working together on your systems at your company. Puppet made it easy to plug in DSC to handle special circumstances while Puppet handled the rest of the configuration management on your servers, no matter the platform. However, you want to get the most out of your investment in time and effort by tracking change in your environment. DSC by itself offers little historical information on what changes were done in your environment, but Puppet can show change across your entire environment. This talk will setup an environment using Puppet and DSC and show how the Puppet console will track and report on change that has occured in your environment, both from your configuration management files and from outside users. Then it will show how Puppet ensures the proper state is kept on your servers.


James Pogran

October 11, 2017