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Eclipse Vert.x at BruJUG 2019

Eclipse Vert.x at BruJUG 2019

Julien Ponge

June 19, 2019

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  1. Reactive systems Reactive streams Reactive programming Reactive “Responding to stimuli”

    Manifesto, Actor, Messages Resilience, Elasticity, Scalability, Asynchronous, non-blocking Data flow Back-pressure Non-blocking Data flow Events, Observable Spreadsheets Akka, Vert.x Akka Streams, RxJava, Reactor, Vert.x Reactor, Reactive Spring, RxJava, Vert.x
  2. while (isRunning) { String line = bufferedReader.readLine(); switch (line.substring(0, 4))

    { case "ECHO": bufferedWriter.write(line); break // ... // other cases ( ...) // ... default: bufferedWriter.write("UNKW Unknown command"); } }
  3. Eclipse Vert.x Open source project started in 2012 Eclipse /

    Apache licensing A toolkit for building reactive applications for the JVM ~10k ⋆ on Built on top of https://vertx.io @vertx_project
  4. Http server verticle Database client verticle  Event Bus “Details

    for user 1234?” “{data}” 4 instances 1 instance
  5. (demo time) APIs with Mongo Edge service with RxJava2 Event

    streaming with Kafka + web “Connected tires / IoT”
  6. Unified end-to-end reactive model + ecosystem (not just APIs…) For

    all kinds of distributed applications (even the small-scale ones) Flexible toolkit, not a framework (your needs, your call)