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Du réactif au service du pneu connecté

Du réactif au service du pneu connecté

Julien Ponge

April 18, 2019

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  1. 23 Million Assets > 1 Billion Device Events > 500

    Req / sec Low resources footprint
  2. Service Aggregation Web / Mobile Applications Edge Service Assets Service

    Insights Service http:// http:// http:// Composition
  3. Event Driven Microservices Ingestion Service Insights Service Alerting Service Events

    splits by topic Consume Pressure Events Publish Computed Insights Consume Insights
  4. Embracing Async Programming was not so easy for the team

    Vert.x is unopinionated: easy to be tempted to built Framework / Cathedral Vert.x the hard way!
  5. Data Synchronisation Distributed Locks Exactly Once Idempotence Distributed Cache Tracing

    A NEW WORLD OF PROBLEMS Data Denormalization Concurrency Control
  6. Thank you! Fabien Pomerol et Julien Ponge Devoxx France 2019

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