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How will we know if we’ve succeeded?

Judd Garratt
October 30, 2011

How will we know if we’ve succeeded?

There’s more to measuring success than analytics. There. I said it. How can we define success in a way that doesn’t restrict design? I’ll share some observations on challenges, pitfalls and…success, using examples of measuring experience design at Vodafone.

Judd Garratt

October 30, 2011

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  1. “People arenʼt clicking on our homepage banner so we need

    to redesign it” Brief: “The aim is to increase the click through rate of the homepage banner by 5%” Is this success...? * May not be the actual percentage
  2. ʻAs Marco I want to get the best phone deal

    so that I donʼt miss out.ʼ
  3. “Marco can clearly understand Vodafone's phone plans so that he

    can select the right plan for his needs” persona rating scale
  4. “As Judd I want to be able to be able

    to express how my design will be used by real customers so that the people I work with understand what will make the experiences we create succeed.”