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From Tutus to Tech: Lessons Learned From Changing Careers

From Tutus to Tech: Lessons Learned From Changing Careers

What do ballet, music publicity and front end engineering have in common? More than you would think. Three years ago I didn't know what a div was but I did know I needed a career change. I stumbled upon the tech world, enrolled in a bootcamp and haven't looked back.

Non-traditional paths are becoming more common place in the tech industry. There are more bootcamp and self-taught devs than ever before. In this talk we'll discuss how I bring my past experiences from two unrelated careers into my current role and why you should consider hiring more devs with non-traditional backgrounds.


Kara Luton

March 17, 2020

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  2. Ballet Music Publicity Developer

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  4. Based in Nashville, TN I have a really cute dog

    named Maggie Blogs on DEV (dev.to/karaluton) Nashville Women Programmers co-organizer
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  29. of developers who have a college degree did major in

    computer science
  30. Twitter: @CodingQT Life Insurance Underwriter Accessibility Developer

  31. Twitter: @alhasenzahl Outdoor Recreation + Customer Service Web Developer

  32. Twitter: @yechielk Rabbi Software Engineer

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  36. Ballet Music Publicity Developer

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