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Introduction to Jetpack Compose

January 14, 2023

Introduction to Jetpack Compose


January 14, 2023

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  1. Why should we use Jetpack Compose ? # Less Code,

    less bugs # Declarative UI Approach, No XML # Compatible with Android Views # Material Design, Dark Theme, Animations # Unidirectional Data Flow
  2. Composable Functions • @Composable annotation • Do not return anything.

    • Can execute in any order • Can execute in parallel. • They have memory
  3. Output Recomposition • Composables are called repetitively • Recompose when

    State changes • Skips recomposition when no state change
  4. Jetpack Compose # Declarative UI Toolkit Screen EditText Form EditText

    Button Search Bar Icon EditText Login Email Password
  5. Flutter v/s Compose # Production Ready #Declarative UI # Widgets

    # Composables # Hot Reload # Hot UI # Instant Run # Preview Compose for Web Compose for Desktop