Boosting your applications with distributed caches/datagrids

Boosting your applications with distributed caches/datagrids

Infinispan is an in-memory datagrid/distributed cache whose life started in October 2008. Now in 2019 Infinispan 10 is available and is a powerful tool with many features that can help you build great applications and microservices. After two years as a developer in the team, moving around in meetups and conferences, what I have found is that many developers still don't know what distributed caches and in-memory datagrids are.
How can Infinispan boost the performance of your application? Which are the use cases, good practices, and patterns to implement modern and reactive architectures? Is Infinispan reactive itself? Which are the frameworks that are supported by Infinispan? How can we use it with containers and Kubernetes/Openshift?


Katia Aresti

May 09, 2019