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Shipping Secret Messages Through Barcodes

Shipping Secret Messages Through Barcodes

PyCascades 2018 talk

Karina Ruzinov

January 23, 2018

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  1. Lingo • Carrier: does the shipping of The Thing •

    UPS, USPS, FedEx • Shipper: the creator of The Thing • Warby Parker, Five Guys, Nike
  2. 420 11215 9361289697090020989867 The Identifier for Zip Codes My actual

    zip code What the customer impatiently stalks
  3. Convert the electrical signal from the LED reading to a

    digital representation First things first.
  4. Quick Response Code?! • Uses our of alphanumeric representation ->

    integer -> binary map • Data is encoded in a zig zag fashion • Level of error correction impacts the quantity of data that can be stored within the QR Code • Masking to appease the scanner
  5. Takeaway • A lot is hidden in plain sight •

    Why type something, when you can just scan it? • Barcodes are cool