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Into the WordPress Team & Community

Jon Ang
September 17, 2016

Into the WordPress Team & Community

A talk given at WordCamp Tokyo 2016

Jon Ang

September 17, 2016


  1. Core Design Support Mobile Plugins Polyglots Community Meta Training Flow

    TV Accessibility Documentation Themes Various Teams
  2. Core Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS • Core Committers • Guest

    Committers • Core Component Maintainers • Core Contributors • Release Leads • Release Deputies • Project Management • Documentation • Programming To maintain the WordPress project’s code base
  3. Design Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS • Designers • User Experience

    Designers • Testers • Graphics Design • User Experience Design • Wireframing The Design Team maintains the user experience and branding aspects of WordPress in WordPress.org, Core and beyond.
  4. Mobile Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS • Mobile Developer • Tester

    • Swift (iOS) • Java (Android) Maintains the mobile apps that interact with WordPress Core.
  5. Accessibility Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS • Core Accessibility Maintainer •

    Theme Accessibility Reviewer Basic Understanding of Accessbility Keyboard Testing Basic knowledge of assistive technologies such as screenreaders To create an accessible web and to spread deeper understanding into accessibility
  6. Polyglots Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS • General Translation Editors •

    Project Translation Editor • Translation Contributors • Leads • Language Capabilities The polyglots team is responsible for ensuring WordPress is available in dozens of languages and many more regions.
  7. Support Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS • Administrators • Moderators •

    Support Liaisons Knowledge in • Simple Trouble Shooting Skills • CSS • HTML • PHP • WordPress • Server Setup And being nice Through the use of various support channels, ensure that WordPress users get the help that they need
  8. Documentation Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Admins In-line Documentor Docs Contributors

    Knowledge on documentation practices General WordPress Knowledge This team is responsible for all things documentation, including the Codex, handbooks, developer.wordpress.org, admin help, inline docs, and other general wordsmithing across the WordPress project.
  9. Theme Review Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Key Reviewers Reviewers WordPress

    Code Knowledge PHP Knowlwedge HTML Kmowledge CSS Knowledge Security Knowledge To curate the themes available and uploaded onto the WordPress.org repository
  10. Plugins Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Plugin Reviewer Knowledge in Security

    WordPress PHP The team manages the WordPress Plugin Directory which provides a safe place for all WordPress users - from the non-technical to the developer - to download plugins that are consistent with the goals of the WordPress project.
  11. Community Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Deputies Mentors Meetup Organisers WordCamp

    Organisers People Skills Project Management This team oversees official events, mentorship programs, diversity initiatives, contributor outreach, and other ways of growing our community.
  12. Meta Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Comprised of people who have

    ownership over components on WordPress.org & WordCamp.org Meta Component Maintainers & Committers Programming Project Management To create and maintain tools for the WordPress.org & WordCamp.org family of sites
  13. Training Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Writers, Testers, Reviewers Writing, Topic

    Knowledge, WordPress Knowledge Facilitates open source education, via lesson plans for instructors to use in live workshops, at WordCamps, and by the WordPress community at large. Writing, editing and reviewing WordPress lesson plans
  14. Flow Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Flow Patrollers Ability to answer

    tickets Have some mobile devices The flow team patrols flow across the entire WordPress ecosystem on every device we have at hand. We test, document, and report on the WordPress user experience.
  15. TV Team MISSION ROLES SKILLS Video Editing Subtitle & Caption

    Editor Very basic video editing Simple text editing We approve and publish all videos on WordPress.tv as well as help WordCamps with video post-production and captioning and subtitling of published videos.
  16. Accessibility Core Support Meta Plugins Polyglots Community Mobile Training Flow

    TV Theme Documentation Design Provides Training Lessons & Plans Processes WordPress Videos Creates and maintains mobile apps useable for Core Creates and maintains tools for teams Checks through the tools and sites built Provides Design Direction Updates on common problems Supplies release translation Writes inline code docs Provides Accessibility Expertise Does accessibility reviews WordPress.org
  17. • 2011 – Still into Zikula, ezPublish. Thought WordPress was

    a blogging platform • Tried it out but faced issues • Needed help immediately and went to IRC • Talked to some guy who I forgot • Asked a few more silly questions on the Forums • Got comfortable enough to start answering some questions on IRC • Joined Support Forums & Documentation meetings • Answered a few questions on the forums • Got bumped up to Moderator • Got bumped up to Admin • Got invited to WordPress Summit • Met a bunch of really cool people • Talked about my experiences • Joined the Theme Review Team • Took over the Helphub project • Became a Core Component Maintainer • Took over the Theme Handbook project • Ran WordCamp Singapore 2016 • Speaking at WordCamp Tokyo 2016 Story 3.5 years 1.5 years
  18. Why You get taught by industry experts It connects you

    to the world For your happiness Be the change you want to see in the world You become better at your job You make great life-long friends