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Pressing On 4.7 and why the REST API is important

Jon Ang
November 23, 2016

Pressing On 4.7 and why the REST API is important

Various key changes for WordPress 4.7 and how the endpoint commit is going to affect us.

Jon Ang

November 23, 2016

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  2. @kenshino 16 WordPress REST API Fully integrated in WP 4.7

    Connector between WordPress and other software applications – most of which likely uses REST
  3. @kenshino 17 Universal Connector The WordPress REST API is revolutionary

    because it enables WP to communicate with other web properties no matter what programming language they’re written in.
  4. @kenshino Power Multiple Frontends Bots Android Apps IOS Apps IoT

    Devices Smart Watches Desktop Applications Web Applications
  5. @kenshino Data Exchange Only Accountant By all Staff Project Specific

    Rest API HRM System Accounts Project Management
  6. @kenshino 1. JavaScript is going to be as important, if

    not more important than PHP 2. Web development will become more modularised 3. Content Integration will be key and become much easier 4. Business Intelligence suddenly seems that much more related with WordPress 5. We can finally deprecate XMLRPC
  7. @kenshino Blogging Platform Content Management System Application Framework 70% CMS

    marketshare 26% of all websites Starting with REST API