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iOS Developer tools at London AltTechTalk

iOS Developer tools at London AltTechTalk

Krzysztof Zabłocki

December 16, 2013

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  1. Few Tips & Tricks for iOS Dev Krzysztof Zabłocki @merowing_

  2. Most important areas Initial setup Day to day development Debugging

    Useful tools
  3. Initial setup - Crafter Unified project setup

  4. Initial setup - Icon versioning Ever had someone testing wrong

    version of the app?
  5. Day to Day Development AppCode - Xcode, do you even

  6. Day to Day Development CodeRunner - easy way to tests

    gists in different languages
  7. Day to Day Development Dash - fastest and best documentation

  8. Day to Day Development xScope - best set of tools

    to measure/inspect designs
  9. Day to Day Development Uberlayer - align your design mocks

    on top of simulator for pixel perfect design!
  10. Day to Day Development Hex color picker - add hex

    color support to all OSX color pickers.
  11. Day to Day Development WhatTheFont - Find the font name

    by uploading image
  12. Day to Day Development

  13. Day to Day Development HockeyCoach - Helps find code that

    crashes your app
  14. Day to Day Development VVDocumenter - great plugin for documenting

  15. Day to Day Development NSLogger - best logging tool for

    Cocoa developer.
  16. Day to Day Development Patterns - because we all know

    how to write regex?
  17. Day to Day Development WatchDog - derived data problem solver…

  18. Debugging Charles - Verify your application network connection and response

    Great for inspecting other apps as well
  19. Debugging Reveal - find your hierarchy issues with ease.

  20. Debugging use ~/.lldbinit to specify your favorite commands, like hierarchy

    dumping etc. eg. command alias ql quicklook
  21. Other tools Wasted - how much image compression are you

    wasting? looking for completely opaque PNG files and converts them to 90% JPGs PNG with (partial) transparency will be re-quantified using pngquant: the colors will be reduced and the data re-compressed, keeping the image quality between 90% or above JPG files will be re-compressed to 90% image quality
  22. Other tools Slender - Which images are not longer used

    in the project?
  23. Other tools Calca.io - Math problems? Best symbolic calculator.

  24. Other tools Tokens - Manage your redeem codes with ease.

  25. Tomasz @Wyszo Sam @DodsiOS Jon @JonHocking Marek @_iError_ If you

    want to find out more about the tools we use at The App Business, then come & talk to these guys
  26. Thank you! Krzysztof Zabłocki @merowing_