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Improving Developer Experience - BASwiftable

Improving Developer Experience - BASwiftable

Krzysztof Zabłocki

November 29, 2019

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  1. Bad Developer Experience • Wastes time doing things that aren't

    important • Dealing with bad tooling, architecture or boilerplate • Creates a disconnect between our work and the end result • Makes us inefficient, creates roadblocks in our way • Makes it easy for us to make simple mistakes
  2. Good Developer Experience • Allows us to work smart, not

    hard • Enables more efficient workflow • Easier to keep connected with our work • Keeps focus on what matters and not dealing with our technical stack shortcomings • Limits human mistakes
  3. Issue - Retain Cycles Apple: Xcode Memory Graph Debugger +

    Leaks Instrument • Do you trust people to always run those tools and analyze their results before submitting Pull Requests?
  4. Issue - Retain Cycles Open Source: LifetimeTracker • How many

    instances of class X should ever be alive? • Works in Swift and Objective-C • Surface new retain cycle as you create them, not after you've finished the feature
  5. Issue - Retain Cycles Open Source: krzysztofzablocki/LifetimeTracker Straighforward integration: class

    SectionFrontViewController: UIViewController, LifetimeTrackable { static var lifetimeConfiguration = LifetimeConfiguration(maxCount: 1, groupName: "SF VC") override init(nibName nibNameOrNil: String?, bundle nibBundleOrNil: Bundle?) { super.init(nibName: nibNameOrNil, bundle: nibBundleOrNil) /// ... trackLifetime() } }
  6. Issue - Long iteration cycle Apple: Split up your project

    into many frameworks • + Improves modular architecture design • Each framework has its own test suite that can run fast • Enables use of playgrounds or small projects • - Longer launch times due to dylib loading • Leverage cocoapods-static plugin or direct static frameworks • - Might be complicated to do in existing projects
  7. Issue - Long iteration cycle What if you can't split

    up your project easily? • Free tool: InjectionForXcode • Code Injection for Objective-C and Swift • Its external app you install, no need to unsign your Xcode
  8. Issue - Long iteration cycle Open Source: KZPlayground • Both

    Swift and Objective-C • Custom DSL for exposing control variables (sliders, image pickers, trigger buttons). • Easy to add Framework to existing code-base • Works great with InjectionForXcode
  9. Issue - Boilerplate Apple: Derived implementations of Equality / Hashing

    / Codable • - Lack of control over the generated implementation • Not supportive of non-default cases • - Not a generic solution for Boilerplate maintenace, solves only a small subset of common algorithms
  10. Issue - Boilerplate Open Source: Sourcery • Swift code generator,

    works like a pre-processor • Used in over 30 000 apps • Adds annotation support to Swift language • Allows fine-grained control over the generation • Sourcery can generate any boilerplate code if you can describe the algorithm once
  11. Issue - Boilerplate Working with assets? • Open Source SwiftGen

    • Avoid typos and leverage autocompletion • Ensure all assets are available at compile-time, colors, fonts, storyboards, and localized strings
  12. Issue - Testing Comparing objects is absolutely terrible • Open

    Source Sourcery - property level diffing template • Open Source Difference - Pure function Mirror based diffing •
  13. Issue - Testing Simplifying mocking and stubbing in tests •

    Open Source SwiftyMocky - Sourcery based framework for powerful mocking DSL • Open Source Sourcery - AutoMockable template
  14. Issue - Data dependencies • Design your processing like a

    pipeline • Protocol at each stage so it's easy to change
  15. Issue - Data dependencies • Writing tests for your ViewModel?

    • Bug report requires specific data? • Replace Model Converter with Fake Models
  16. Issue - Data dependencies Open Source: KZFileWatchers • Works in

    Swift and Objective-C • FileWatcher.Local useful for observing local file changes e.g. observe file on the developer desktop. • FileWatcher.Remote can be used to observe files on the web, both Etag headers and Last-Modified-Date are supported.
  17. Issue - Data reproduction Having a hard time reproducing bugs?

    • Always save your data at Data Provider level to file • if the user decides to send a bug report, send those files to the cloud • You can use file watcher provider to load it on another device and re-execute almost all code paths you have • Need more power? leverage unidirectional architecture/view state to implement time travel
  18. Issue - Manual Steps Need to fill out some fields?

    e.g. login credentials • Use user breakpoints • Data never leaves your machine, no git diffs • Easy to disable
  19. Issue - Manual Steps Working on a long-running feature? •

    Build phase script that allows you to create #if branches per developer (e.g. http://goo.gl/cLc4ay) #if merowing showARExperience(StubARData(...)) #endif
  20. Summary • Good Developer Experience should be one of the

    core goals of architecture design • Investing time into improving your team developer experience can yield huge efficiency wins for your business and save the sanity of your developers • If a mythical 10x developer exists it would be the person that makes 10 team members more efficient