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How to Manage Your Time: Time Management 101

How to Manage Your Time: Time Management 101

Easy introduction to time management strategies and productivity hacks, largely based on Randy Pausch's findings. See his full talk here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTugjssqOT0

Andreas Kwiatkowski

December 10, 2012

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  1. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME

    ᶃ Take control ᶄ Maximize impact ᶅ Minimize distraction ᶆ Optimize your work ᶇ Optimize globally ᶈ Enjoy your life Time Management 101
  2. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Goals • Why am I

    doing this? What is the goal? • How do achieve this (most easily)? • What happens if I chose not to do it?
  3. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Planning • Failing to plan

    is planning to fail • Plan each day, week and year • Establish (fake) deadlines
  4. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme To-do lists • Break things

    down into small steps • Do the ugliest thing first • Then work by priority
  5. Urgent Important Less important Less urgent Do first Schedule Delegate

    Don‘t do The EISENHOWER matrix: Is this task urgent and important?
  6. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme The 80/20 rule • Critical

    few and the trivial many • Good judgment comes from experience • Experience comes from bad judgment
  7. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Work expands so as to

    fill the time available for its completion. —Cyril Parkinson
  8. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Yourself • Get to know

    yourself: Know your good and bad times, keep time journals • You don‘t find but make time for important things to do • Learn to say “No”: Everything you do is an opportunity cost
  9. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Comfort zones • Identify why

    you aren’t enthusiastic, why you are afraid (fear, embarassement) • Sometimes all you have to do is ask! • Never break a promise, but re-negotiate
  10. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Time waste • Messy desk

    and inability to find things • Late to appointments (miss beginning) and being unprepared for those attended • Tired or unable to concentrate, doing stuff that does not matter instead
  11. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Interruptions • 4-5 interruptions (5-10

    min) shoot an hour (requiring 5 min of recovery) • Reduce frequency and length of interruptions (turn calls into e-mail) • Turn off desktop and mobile notifications (visual, sound and vibration do distract)
  12. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme -- Time journals • Monitor

    yourself in 15 minute increments for more than 3 days (a week or two) • What doesn’t need to be done? What can someone else do? What can I do more efficiently? • How am I wasting other people’s time?
  13. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Optimize your work ᶃ Take

    control ᶄ Maximize impact ᶅ Minimize distraction ᶆ Optimize your work
  14. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Office • Make your office

    comfortable for you, and optionally comfortable for others • Get a decent chair, seperate keyboard and mouse (posture), another display (productivity) and a headset (walk) • Keep your desk clear (remove clutter) and your to-do list and calendar close
  15. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme E-mail • Archive all, search

    over folders and tags • Only one (responsible) recipient, optionally CC someone powerful • Follow up after 48 hours
  16. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Phone calls • Stand to

    keep it short (never put feet up) • Start by announcing goals for the call • Have something in view to do next, then announce it („I have X waiting...“)
  17. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Meetings • Only attend when

    there is agenda, and not when you are optional • Lock the door, disallow PC and phones, (best) have people stand • 1 minute minutes (Who? What? When?)
  18. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Optimize globally ᶃ Take control

    ᶄ Maximize impact ᶅ Minimize distraction ᶆ Optimize your work ᶇ Optimize globally
  19. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Delegation • Communicate (in writing),

    not dump: Be polite and precise, provide context and priority • Give objectives, not procedures • People rise to the challenge: Delegate “until they complain” and grant authority
  20. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Sociology • Gracefully end a

    successful meeting: Stand up and stroll to the door, complement/thank, shake hands • Beware upward delegation: Ignorance is your friend • Reinforce behaviour you want repeated: Say thank you and mean it
  21. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Enjoy your life ᶃ Take

    control ᶄ Maximize impact ᶅ Minimize distraction ᶆ Optimize your work ᶇ Optimize globally ᶈ Enjoy your life
  22. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme End of work • Out

    of office message with return date and (different specific) back-up contacts • Reading e-mail is not a vacation
  23. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Private life • Kill your

    TV • Eat, sleep and exercise • Turn money into time
  24. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Measure • Short term: Remind

    yourself in 30 days through your calendar: „What have I changed?“ • Long term: 100 things to do in my life
  25. www.eisehower.me ɾ [email protected] ɾ @eisenhowerme Now let‘s go out and

    do the right things. Andreas Kwiatkowski (@kwiat) www.eisenhower.me