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Introducing nonopaste-cli #rubyconftw2012

Fffd8bf62b842a46803fb07792029fa4?s=47 Kensuke Nagae
December 07, 2012

Introducing nonopaste-cli #rubyconftw2012

My lightning talk slide of RubyConf Taiwan 2012


Kensuke Nagae

December 07, 2012

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  2. 㟬޷ʂզڣ!LZBOOZ 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ χΠϋΦʂ ΢ΥʔɹνϟΦɹkyanny ΢ΥʔɹπΦϯɹζʔϖϯɹτϯνϯɹϥΠτΥ

  3. 1MFBTFDBMMNF lࠫ੢ถz 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Please call me αγϛ It's my nickname.

  4. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ I'm a software engineer working at paperboy&co.

  5. *XJMMJOUSPEVDFUIFUJOZHFN 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ I will introduce the tiny gem

  6. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ nonopaste-cli.

  7. 5IJTJTBDMJFOUPGBPQFOTPVSDFE QBTUFCJOTFSWFS 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ This is a client of a open-sourced

    pastebin server
  8. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ NoNoPaste.

  9. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Pastebin is a simple web application for pasting pieces

    of code.
  10. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Even though you have not ever hear about pastebin,

    you probably know the gist.
  11. $IFDLUIF*1"EESFTT 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ We are running a pastebin server in our

    company's local area network.
  12. 8FQBTUFFWFSZUIJOHBCPVUUFYU 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ We paste everything about text.

  13. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ For example, Code snippets,

  14. CENSORED 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Server logs,

  15. CENSORED 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Operation logs,

  16. CENSORED 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Error logs,

  17. CENSORED 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Benchmark logs,

  18. CENSORED 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ And meeting logs,

  19. CENSORED 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ IRC logs,

  20. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Oh it's not a log, it's a email signature

    of a designer, his name is Maruyama-san.
  21. 5IFSFBSFTPNBOZQBTUFCJO TFSWJDFTJOUIFXPSME 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ There are so many pastebin services in

    the world.
  22. 8IZEPXFIPMEPVSPXOQBTUFCJO TFSWFS 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Why do we hold our own pastebin

  23. 5IFSFBTPOPGJUJTGPSQFBDFPG NJOE 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ The reason of it is for peace

    of mind.
  24. 4PNFUJNFT*IFTJUBUFUPQBTUFUIF QJFDFTPGQSPEVDUJPODPEFUPHJTU 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Sometimes I hesitate to paste the pieces

    of production code to gist.
  25. 1SJWBUF CVU*`NXPSSJFE 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Even if I can choose a private

  26. *GUIFQBTUFCJOTFSWFSJTJOUIF QSJWBUFOFUXPSL 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ if the pastebin server is in the

    private network
  27. 8FEPOUXPSSZ BCPVUBDDJEFOUBMMFBLPGTFDSFU JOGPSNBUJPO 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ We don't worry about accidental leak

    of secret information.
  28. *OGBDU *EPOUXPSSZBCPVUNZ NJTUBLFTPNVDI 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ In fact, I don't worry about

    my mistake so much.

    pessimistic that I need to care about peace of mind of them.
  30. 1BTUFCJOJTWFSZVTFGVMGPSVT 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Pastebin is very useful for us.

  31. #VU*NCPSFEXJUIDPQZJOHBOE QBTUJOHTPNFUIJOH 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ But I'm bored with copying and pasting

  32. 4P*XSPUFBUJOZTDSJQU 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ So I wrote a tiny script.

  33. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ nonopaste-cli.

  34. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ This script reads data from STDIN. You can use

    it by the common unix way.
  35. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ This script also takes list of filename.

  36. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ No more mouse operation. it's convenient.

  37. 'JSTUMZ*VTFEJUGPSNZPXO 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Firstly I used it for my own.

  38. 5IFONZDPMMFBHVFTBJEUPNF HJWFNFBHFNTP*EJE 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Then my colleague said to me "give

    me a gem" so I did.
  39. 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Thanks to bundler, creating and publishing gem is very

  40. 1BTUFCJOTVQQPSUTTIBSJOH JOGPSNBUJPO 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ Pastebin supports sharing information.

  41. 4PJUNBLFTHPPEQSPHSFTT 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ So it makes good progress.

  42. *TUSPOHMZSFDPNNFOEJU 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ I strongly recommend it.

  43. ँँʂ 12೥12݄10೔݄༵೔ That's all. γΣΠγΣΠʂ