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Integration with Tracing and Logging

Integration with Tracing and Logging


Aya (Igarashi) Ozawa

April 03, 2019


  1. Integrate with Tracing and Logging @Ladicle / OpenCensus Meetup #1

  2. Who am I? @Ladicle Aya Igarashi Software Engineer - Z

    Lab Corp.
  3. Three pillars of Observability Metrics To represent a time series

    measurements about a particular process or activity. It can be aggregated, visualized and easily processed data. Tracing To represent a single request to the system. It is useful for optimisation(e.g. find bottlenecks within specific parts of the stack). Logging To represent event at that point within a system. When things go wrong, log shows the case of the error.
  4. Characteristics and Overlapping Sections source: A B

  5. When and How do you watch Tracing and Logs? R

  6. Demo

  7. Architecture Overview

  8. blog: Merging OpenTracing and OpenCensus Related Issues - Annotations

    vs. Logs · Issue #16 · bogdandrutu/openconsensus - Message Events · Issue #13 · bogdandrutu/openconsensus OpenCensus and Jaeger have different log correlation designs. The Jaeger exporter sets an annotation on the Log field of the OpenTracing span. I expect duplicated fields will be merged...

  10. THANK YOU! For your time & we’ll see you soon

    @Ladicle /OpenCensus Meetup #1