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Azure NUS ACM talk 2 - Scaling your Webapp on Azure

September 22, 2012

Azure NUS ACM talk 2 - Scaling your Webapp on Azure

By Ruiwen and Laurence


September 22, 2012

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    WHAT YOU NEED TO GET GOING by & Laurence Putra Chua Ruiwen
  2. WHAT THIS TALK IS NOT A guide to using x,

    y, or z web development framework. OR A 100% sure fire way to scale
  3. BUT RATHER some of the best practices As well as

    tools that you will find helpful in your app.
  4. QUICK POLL HOW MANY OF YOU ... 1. ... run

    your own servers? 2. ... runs a website of some sort? 3. ... understands distributed systems? 4. ... has done sysadmin stuff before?
  5. And it’s really easy to do all those hardcore DevOps

    stuff that you’ve been hearing about. Stuff like High Availability, Sharding, and Backups ...
  6. ... Add in the fact that you can add in

    new fields any time. Fast ...
  7. WHO USES MONGODB Craigslist, SAP, Codecademy, Disney, IGN, EA, Guardian,

    Business Insider, Forbes, New York Times, CNN, Trello, bit.ly, Eventbrite, Foursquare, College Humor, Justin.tv, Grooveshark, about.me...
  8. REPLICATION “Replication in computing involves sharing information so as to

    ensure consistency between redundant resources, such as software or hardware components, to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or accessibility. - Wikipedia”
  9. HUMAN SPEAK “Storing your data multiple times in multiple locations

    and praying hard that all of them do not die at the same time.”
  10. DEMO I am going to take a live production server

    down Really Geekcamp.SG's server
  11. USING IT As simple as m i x p a

    n e l . t r a c k ( " B u t t o n c l i c k e d " ) ;
  12. NETFLIX SIMIAN ARMY Chaos Monkey Latency Monkey Conformity Monkey Doctor

    Monkey Janitor Monkey Security Monkey Chaos Gorilla
  13. CHAOS MONKEY Shuts down instances randomly Allows the team to

    learn about weaknesses in the system Gets the team to build auto recovery systems
  14. LATENCY MONKEY Introduces artificial delays in api client-server communication layer

    Simulates server degradation Useful for testing fault tolerance of new services
  15. CONFORMITY MONKEY Shuts down servers that don’t adhere to best

    practices Forces the service owner to relaunch them properly
  16. DOCTOR MONKEY Runs checks on health of servers Remove unhealthy

    servers from service and alerts service owner