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Don't Be A Hero: Sustainable Open Source

by Lillie Chilen

Published April 21, 2015 in Programming

We know that low bus numbers, silos, and grueling hours can make hiring a dev nigh impossible. So why are bad conditions accepted as facts of life for open source software maintainers? Let's stop.

This talk is about how maintainers can become leaders instead of heroes, techniques for building an awesome team for your project, and the ways that everyone else can jump in and support open source software in an effective and sustainable way.

Here are links to various things I mention in the talk:

* Ruby Together: https://rubytogether.org/
* Ben Balter on OS best practices: http://ben.balter.com/2015/03/17/open-source-best-practices-external-engagement/
* Mozilla contributor research deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hsJLv1ieSqtXBzd5YZusY-mB8e1VJzaeOmh8Q4VeMio/edit#slide=id.g4435d357b_20
* Sarah Mei talking at Nickel City Ruby about the differences between app and library development: http://confreaks.tv/videos/nickelcityruby2014-keynote-multitudes

And things I do:
* Omada Health: https://omadahealth.com/
* RailsBridge: http://railsbridge.org/
* Double Union http://www.doubleunion.org/

Additionally, in the Q&A for this talk, we discussed taking over an abandoned project. There's a great talk by Daniel Doubrovkine from GoGaRuCo2014, check it out:

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