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Introduce LINE account link

Introduce LINE account link

Evan Lin(LINE Taiwan Technical Evangelist)
Chatbots meetup 聊天機器人小小聚 9 @ 天瓏書局 Coding Space


LINE Developers

April 12, 2019


  1. Introduce LINE Account Link Chatbots 小小聚 #9 2019/04/12

  2. Profile Image Evan Lin Technical Evangelist • Developer Relations •

    Technical branding • Technical Hiring • LINE Developer Meetup/TechPulse Organizer
  3. •Developer Trial migration •What is LINE Account Link Agenda

  4. Developer Trial Migration Plan •Start from min-June 2019 •Migration Developer

    Trial to “低用量” •When the message limit is reached, the LINE Platform displays status code 429 with the error message “You have reached your monthly limit.”
  5. How developer trial account change? •Still “FREE” •500 free push

    message •More than 50 friends (No limited)
  6. • Don’t forget! Reply message still “FREE” • Quick Reply,

    Flex message will help you • LINE Notify How to use reduce your cost
  7. Introduce LINE Account Link Sample code and why and how

    to use it
  8. Business Scenario •You help to create a LINE bot solution

    for an online bookstore. •They already have lots of customers. (m.. Just list 3) •How would you do?
  9. Without Account Link (example 1) Hacker

  10. Without Account Link (example 2) Hacker

  11. Why not use LINE Login?

  12. Without Account Link (only use LINE login) Why login again?

  13. Risky? Confused? •Proprietary account link: • Need extra token to

    make sure no middle man attack. • Too much chatbot server and webserver communication. • Need a certificate third-party to help you. •Use LINE login: • User feel confused about double login
  14. LINE Account Link

  15. Account Link 與 LINE Login 的差異 LINE LOGIN ACCOUNT LINK

    取得資料 – Username (LINE name) – User picture – User email (額外申請) LINE 不會提供額外的資訊,所有 資訊需要依賴網站本身使用者的 資訊。 使用方式 – WebApp – Client App (iOS, Android) LINE chatbot 使用情境 – 需要建立新帳號 – 透過 LINE login 登入 使用者原本在網站(或是其他服 務有帳號)需要跟 OA 綁定讓 OA 提供一致性服務 需要具備資料 申請一個 LINE Login channel – LINE chatbot – 某個網站服務 使用者好處 只要透過 LINE 帳號的登入,可 以快速創建新的帳號或是加入相 關服務.新帳號創立帳號鏈結 (透過 LINE 登入該服務) 透過 Account Link 讓原本在某個 服務的帳號與 OA 結合以後可以 透過 OA 直接存取該服務
  16. How to use it? • https://github.com/kkdai/line-account-link • Try this chatbot

  17. Demo

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