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LINE TECHPULSE 2022 - Platform Opening

LINE TECHPULSE 2022 - Platform Opening

Platform Opening by Evan Lin / NiJia Lin / LINE Developer Relations @ LINE TECHPULSE 2022 https://techpulse.line.me/


LINE Developers Taiwan

January 21, 2022

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  1. Platform Opening Evan Lin / NiJia Lin / LINE Developer

  2. Messaging API Update

  3. Mention API Webhook

  4. URI Action in Quick Reply

  5. URI Action in Quick Reply

  6. Rich Menu Switch Action

  7. ImageSet Property

  8. Text entered by user

  9. 2021 Messaging API Summary September Multiple Image Metadata June RichMenu

    switch action November Sticker Text webhook March URI Action in Quick Reply January Mention webhook
  10. LINE Notify

  11. Issue 100 tokens / users

  12. LIFF Update

  13. Characteristics of LIFF The strengths of LIFF as a platform

    Channel consent simplification Cross-browser support Modal window which enables users to focus on main tasks Provision of utilities Powerful and unique functions LINE Login integration
  14. LIFF Playground https://liff-playground.netlify.app/

  15. - liff.scanCodeV2 - Code scan function using WebRTC - liff.isApiAvailable

    - liff.getLineVersion - liff.getOS Provision of utilities
  16. liff.scanCodeV2() Recognize and parse QR Code data back to your

    LIFF app. Powered by WebRTC Android iOS External Browser LINE v11.7.0+ LIFF v2.15.0+
  17. Powerful and unique functions -*''4IBSF5BSHFU1JDLFS Select multiple items at once

  18. Plugin-able Architecture init-plugin.js app.js @liff/core @liff/init @liff/use @liff/plugin-A

  19. LIFF Mock Solve the inability to do unit testing, load

    testing Server LIFF App Mock mode Server LIFF App Enable mock mode
  20. @line/liff-mock - Available as a LIFF plugin - All APIs

    are mocked - Return mock data - Be independent of the LIFF server completely
  21. @line/liff-inspector - Available as a LIFF plugin - Debug methods

    - DOM Inspection - Console logs - Network logs
  22. LIFF Inspector in the future Local PC developers.line.biz Execution logs

    Real Device Built-in UI
  23. Now Available LIFF Playground - https://liff-playground.netlify.app/ LIFF Starter - https://liff-starter.netlify.app/

    Plugin-able Architecture LIFF Mock LIFF Inspector Create LIFF App Under In-house testing Available from early 2022 These can be found at the LINE Developers > News page
  24. Developer Experience

  25. LINE API Status https://api.line-status.info/

  26. LINE API Status https://api.line-status.info/

  27. Digital Transformation (DX) Wireless society Smart city Internet of things

    (IoT) Wearable AI Big data 5G network AR VR Home connected Smart speaker OCR Face recognition Robotic process automation (RPA)
  28. Thank you