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Serverless Computing with Apache OpenWhisk

Serverless Computing with Apache OpenWhisk

Light intro to Serverless and the Apache Openwhisk project

Lorna Mitchell

June 13, 2018

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  1. Serverless Computing with Apache OpenWhisk Lorna Mitchell, IBM

  2. What is Serverless? • Code snippet • Deployed to cloud

    • Executed in response to an event • Scaled on demand • Costs nothing when idle @lornajane
  3. Where are the Servers? The servers are alive and well.

    (your function gets containerised, OpenWhisk grabs and runs it on demand in response to the registered triggers) @lornajane
  4. Does Serverless Solve Real Problems? @lornajane

  5. Does Serverless Solve Real Problems? Yes! * @lornajane

  6. Does Serverless Solve Real Problems? Yes! * * maybe not

    all of them @lornajane
  7. APIs and Microservices Serverless is a great fit for Microservices!

    Each endpoint (URL and verb combination) is a serverless action An API Gateway maps routes to actions Each endpoint is independent @lornajane
  8. One-Off Endpoints No need to spin up a whole server

    just for your: • Alexa skill • mailing list/slack team signup • incoming webhook from GitHub/Twilio/Nexmo/Zapier @lornajane
  9. Just Enough Backend Code Mobile and frontend experts often need

    some server-side code for APIs or secure Auth No sysadmin skills required @lornajane
  10. Serverless and Data When data is atomic, there's so much

    we can do with our easy-entry, highly scalable serverless platforms. • Transform data • React to database changes or incoming data • Work with small volume, trickling data • Work with high volume, streaming data • Handle one-off data transformation or import @lornajane
  11. Meet Apache OpenWhisk @lornajane

  12. Meet Apache OpenWhisk • http://openwhisk.incubator.apache.org/ • Currently an incubator project,

    working towards graduation • Contributors from a variety of backgrounds @lornajane
  13. Supported Technologies OpenWhisk is Open Source and extensible. It supports:

    • Java • NodeJS • PHP • Python • Swift Docker containers can also be deployed and run. @lornajane
  14. Getting Started With Apache OpenWhisk @lornajane

  15. OpenWhisk Vocabulary • trigger an event, such as an incoming

    HTTP request • rule map a trigger to an action • action a function, optionally with parameters • package collect actions and parameters together • sequence more than one action in a row • cold start time to run a fresh action @lornajane
  16. Hello World in JS A main function, with a single

    parameter: exports.main = function(args) { return({"body": "Hello, World!"}); }; Function must return an object or a Promise @lornajane
  17. Parameters Parameters can be set: • at deploy time •

    at run time (including by the events that trigger them) CNCF project to standardise event params: https://github.com/cloudevents/spec @lornajane
  18. Deploying to OpenWhisk Deploy code: wsk package update demo zip

    hello.zip index.js wsk action update --kind nodejs:6 demo/hello1 hello.zip Then run it: wsk action invoke --result demo/hello1 @lornajane
  19. Web-Enabled Actions Deploy code: wsk package update demo zip hello.zip

    index.js wsk action update --kind nodejs:6 --web true demo/hello1 hello.zip Then get the URL and curl it: wsk action get --url demo/hello1 curl @lornajane
  20. More About Packages Packages allow us to: • group actions

    together • set parameters on packages, used by all actions Sequences can include actions from other packages @lornajane
  21. Built In Packages There are some packages and actions available

    by default: • utils • cloudant • github • slack • websocket • samples @lornajane
  22. Using Built-In Actions As an example: there's a wordCount action

    in the samples package: wsk -i action invoke --result /whisk.system/samples/wordCount \ -p payload "A good way to ruin a fine walk" Returns: 8 @lornajane
  23. Using Sequences For example: notify Slack when a user registers

  24. Serverless and Apache OpenWhisk @lornajane

  25. Resources • http://openwhisk.incubator.apache.org/ • https://www.ibm.com/cloud/functions • https://lornajane.net For more: "Serverless

    Microservices are the New Black" tomorrow afternoon @lornajane