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Microservice Pitfalls

Microservice Pitfalls

The Microservice pattern has become very popular in recent years. It was a very good fit for the cultural shift in the industry towards a more agile, horizontal, autonomous way of building software. A few years in, microservices have since permeated even the enterprise world and some disillusion settled in, as long-term costs of the pattern emerge. To successfully leverage the potential of Microservices it is key to take the disadvantages into careful consideration and avoid common pitfalls.
Lothar has used the Microservice approach since 2015. In this he shares microservice drawbacks and approaches to work around those.


- Micro or Macro Services - Empty vessels make the most noise

- Domains - None of your concern! Slicing microservices properly

- Observability - How to X-Ray a hairball

Lothar Schulz

April 26, 2023

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