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Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a term that is used often in the business world, but many people are not sure what it means. Sales Enablement is the process of equipping and empowering salespeople with the tools they need to sell your product or service. By using sales enablement practices, you can boost your sales and increase your profits. Here are some tips on how to use sales enablement to improve your sales success.

Lucas Smith

November 09, 2022

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  1. How to use sales enablement to boost your sales

  2. Sales Enablement Plan ▸ Align Sales and Marketing to Accelerate

    the Customer Journey ▸ Create Easy-to-access, Solutions-oriented Sales-related content ▸ Adapt Procedures Depending on the Best Performers ▸ Establish a Culture of Training for Sales Enablement ▸ Use Chatbots to Qualify Leads ▸ Organize Your Prospects and Leads ▸ Automate Clerical Work that Needs to be Done. ▸ Using a Sales Engagement Tool, Examine your Sales Data.
  3. ▸ Align Sales and Marketing to Accelerate the Customer Journey

    Customers are looking for a seamless sales and marketing experience and 43% of consumers agreeing that they feel more authentic when they are recognized by a brand across every touchpoint. Marketing is among the most powerful sales-enabling resources. In fact 87 percent of marketing and sales managers agree that collaboration between these two departments is essential to achieving growth for their businesses. 1
  4. Marketing to Accelerate the Customer Journey PURCHASE LOYALTY AWARENESS EVALUATION

    INTEREST INTENT Sales Enablemen t Marketing Accelerat e
  5. ▸ Create Easy-to-access, Solutions-oriented Sales-related Content The content you create

    for sales enablement should give each salesperson the necessary support to create business case studies for prospective customers. Content for sales should demonstrate the way your products or solutions solve various issues for every target market. For instance 36% of businesses employ testimonials from customers as sales material to aid sales professionals close deals. Likewise, 36% of companies are developing demonstrations of products and 32% use them to increase sales. 2
  6. Solutions-Focused Sales Content Sales content should show how your products

    or services solve different types of problems for each target audience
  7. ▸ Adapt Procedures Depending on the Best Performers Your sales

    enablement team must be providing regular coaching in order to ensure that your sales team up-to-date on any new products or sales enablement practices that've become relevant. It's not just a way to ensure that sales representatives are selling customers the most recent options, but it also allows them to keep them current on the techniques for selling that are most effective. 3
  8. ▸ Establish a Culture of Training for Sales Enablement Are

    you working with a sales leader on your team that's heads and shoulders above other sales leaders? Utilize these top performers as a guideline for your sales enablement plan. Are they interacting with customers in a specific manner? Are they modifying the customer experience? Are they able to select and evaluate leads in a different way? Develop your sales enablement training materials based on these characteristics. 4
  9. “ A happy team member brings in a satisfied customer.

    The principal goal in sales enablement would be to make sure that each team member is educated of technology and the skills that will help the business to grow.
  10. ▸ Use Chatbots to Qualify Leads There are a variety

    of tools and techniques used to generate leads, however majority of businesses prefer the chatbot over other methods because it has the most benefits. The use of lead generation chatbots could provide many advantages to your company. 5
  11. Use Chatbots to Qualify Leads Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

    Lead qualifier chatbots create new business opportunities through the creation of efficient chat experiences that your users enjoy. They could be a worthwhile investment to enhance and differentiate the overall quality of your service. Automate sales conversions You could automate the sales funnel by using chatbots that can prequalify leads by asking them specific questions, and depending on their responses, direct them to the appropriate person to be further nurtured. Continuously Active Continuously active around all hours Chatbots are constantly on to provide customers with instant responses to sales questions, which means you can determine leads' quality through asking questions based on your business requirements and understand the purpose of visitors and utilize it to help nurture leads.
  12. ▸ Organize Your Prospects and Leads A well-designed sales enablement

    strategy should incorporate the appropriate sales enablement technology to assist sales teams in organizing prospects and keep track of the customer's history. This is the reason that the majority of sales teams utilize the Customer relationship management (CRM) program. On one hand, a CRM can help sales reps manage their customer relationships by arranging and prioritizing prospects. This way, sales reps constantly know where they are within the sales cycle. 6
  13. Prospects and Leads

  14. ▸ Automate Clerical Work that Needs to be Done 41

    percent of sales representatives claim they are too busy making follow-up tasks. Administrative tasks like this cut up the time that your sales team must use to make sales. By using the correct sales enablement software Sales representatives can automatize many mundane tasks, freeing their time to focus on more effective selling activities to reach their sales goals. Actually, 66% of the most effective sales teams automate mundane administrative tasks, as compared to just 41% of the teams with low performance. 7
  15. Roadmap 1 3 5 6 4 2 Align Sales and

    Marketing to Accelerate the Customer Journey Adapt Procedures Depending on the Best Performers Use Chatbots to Qualify Leads Create Easy-to-access, Solutions-oriented Sales- related content Establish a Culture of Training for Sales Enablement Organize Your Prospects and Leads
  16. ▸ Using a Sales Engagement Tool, Examine your Sales Data.

    70% of sales representatives complain that they are unable to find meaning in the data on sales. Utilizing a tool to engage customers can aid in this that is why 43 percent of sales teams utilize one. These tools can assist members of your team responsible for sales examine your sales data to discover which strategies are working and which ones don't yield results. Today 48% of businesses employ sales data to determine patterns in the closed or lost business. 8
  17. Conclusion Congratulations, you've gained the necessary knowledge to help you

    achieve your success. Keep a note of your thoughts on the things you consider to be crucial or pertinent to you in more detail and bookmark this page for when you are feeling like you've forgotten something, you'll be able to easily refresh your memories. The final tip before you embark on your journey of a lifetime is to stay focused on your goal and to be sincere and respectful with the team. They make up the core of your business, particularly your sales and marketing teams. Find ways that you can empower your employees to get the most out of them, and that in turn will drive the growth of your business. We would like to wish you all the best success as you begin to start implementing your sales enablement strategy! 17
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