Numbers Are Our Friends: Making the Case for Web Analytics

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November 04, 2011

Numbers Are Our Friends: Making the Case for Web Analytics

Incorporating numbers and data into your design process is much simpler than you think. IAs and UX designers are already "web analysts”: Our in-depth knowledge of user behaviour provides us the ability to glean vital, actionable insights from analytics data that others, such as marketers and business analysts, might miss.

This talk will remove mystique around the ‘web analytics’ process and speak to common misconceptions IAs have with this area of practice. Through tips and examples of tactical applications of web analytics data in a ‘UX friendly’ context, we will show that analytics is an efficient tool for gaining rapid insight into user behaviour and improving the value of our designs.

We will illustrate ways analytics data can be brought into play with familiar IA and UX processes and provide examples of how metrics extend the life of our early research. We will show how personas help drive search analysis, audience targeting drives useful segmentation, and internal search data informs content strategy. This talk aims to show IAs and UX professionals why web analytics should be on their radar and how it can help them find a common language with their business and marketing counterparts.



November 04, 2011