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A Quick Look at Tekton - Java Day Istanbul 2020

Aykut Bulgu
September 11, 2020

A Quick Look at Tekton - Java Day Istanbul 2020

Java Day Istanbul, 2020.



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Aykut Bulgu

September 11, 2020

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  1. @systemcraftsman A Quick Look at Tekton Aykut M. Bulgu Technology

    Consultant | Software Architect [email protected]
  2. @systemcraftsman #oc apply -f aykutbulgu.yaml apiVersion: redhat/v2.3 kind: Middleware &

    AppDev Consultant metadata: name: Aykut Bulgu namespace: Red Hat Consulting - CEMEA Annotations: twitter: @systemcraftsman email: [email protected] organizer: Software Craftsmanship Turkey founder: System Craftsman labels: married: yes children: daughter interests: tech (cloud & middleware), aikido, 80s spec: replicas: 2 containers: - image: aykut:latest Me as Code
  3. @systemcraftsman What is this anyway?

  4. @systemcraftsman Tekton is an open source project that provides a

    framework to create cloud-native CI/CD pipelines quickly. As a Kubernetes-native framework, Tekton makes it easier to deploy across multiple cloud providers or hybrid environments. By leveraging the Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) in Kubernetes, Tekton uses the Kubernetes control plane to run pipeline tasks. Tekton is one of the initial projects in Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) with 25+ members which serves as a governing body for fast-growing CI/CD projects to encourage and sustain vendor-neutral collaboration and participation.
  5. @systemcraftsman Kubernetes-style Pipelines Runs serverless Integrated CI/CD experience (on OpenShift)

    Use CRDs to define pipelines that run as containers and scale on-demand. Full control over team’s delivery pipelines, plugins and access control with no central CI/CD server to manage. A streamlined user experience through the OpenShift Console developer perspective, CLIs, and IDEs.
  6. @systemcraftsman An application used to create, configure and manage other

    complex applications Contains domain-specific domain knowledge Operator works based on input from Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) User describes the desired state Controller applies this state to the application It watches the *desired* state and the *actual* state and makes forward progress to reconcile OperatorHub.io Observe Analyze Act The Operator Pattern
  7. @systemcraftsman Tekton Concepts

  8. @systemcraftsman Tekton Concepts ➔ Task ➔ Pipeline ➔ PipelineRun ➔

    TaskRun ➔ PipelineResource
  9. @systemcraftsman Tasks A Task is a collection of sequential steps

    that run as part of a continuous integration flow. A Task runs in the pod on your cluster. A Task declares: ➔ Inputs ➔ Outputs ➔ Steps
  10. @systemcraftsman Pipeline Resources ➔ Git Resource ➔ Pull Request Resource

    ➔ Image Resource ➔ Cluster Resource ➔ Storage Resource ➔ Cloud Event Resource
  11. @systemcraftsman Installing Tekton

  12. @systemcraftsman Installing Tekton ➔ Using YAML sources ➔ Via Operatorhub

    in OpenShift OLM ➔ By creating a subscription YAML in OLM
  13. @systemcraftsman Tekton CLI

  14. @systemcraftsman Tekton CLI tkn [command or options] [arguments… ] Syntax

    Samples tkn pipeline start tkn pipeline list tkn pipeline ls tkn resource ls tkn taskrun logs
  15. @systemcraftsman Workshop http://bit.ly/jdi20-tekton-workshop