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Ansible Lightspeed: Where Automation Meets AI

Aykut Bulgu
September 14, 2023

Ansible Lightspeed: Where Automation Meets AI

Ansible Everywhere 2023 - Istanbul

Aykut Bulgu

September 14, 2023

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  1. Aykut Bulgu Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat Ansible Engineering

    Where Automation Meets AI Ansible Lightspeed
  2. Who am I? #oc apply -f aykutbulgu.yaml apiVersion: redhat/v5.2 kind:

    Principal Software Engineer metadata: name: Aykut Bulgu namespace: Red Hat Ansible Engineering (previously Kafka) annotations: twitter: @systemcraftsman email: - [email protected] - [email protected] organizer: Software Craftsmanship Turkey founder: System Craftsman labels: married: yes children: 2 interests: - basketball/nba/rockets - gamification - stoicism spec: replicas: 1 containers: - image: aykut:latest
  3. Ansible is the future Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code

    Assistant is a generative AI service that helps developers create Ansible content more efficiently. What is Ansible Lightspeed?
  4. AI + Automation Choosing the right solution The Ansible Lightspeed

    experience Roadmap Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant
  5. AI + Automation Red Hat wants to accelerate automation, from

    creation through execution Why? Because our customers are under increasing pressure to be more efficient, and turn to Ansible automation to help. The key to getting the most out of automation, is to drive it from an enterprise level. That involves multiple teams working together to create automation code. Code that scales across domains. Code that meets the varied needs of the teams using it. Code that is trusted and compliant.
  6. AI + Automation The AI revolution has come to automation

    Bridge skills gaps Accessible with natural language Expand into new automation domains Less time spent coding More focus on automations outcomes Better code Integrating generative AI into automation can greatly enhance the automation creation experience, helping creators produce better automation content, more quickly. The end result? Improved overall efficiency of an organization’s automation efforts, improving ROI and time to value.
  7. AI + Automation Generative AI raises a number of valid

    questions Generative AI’s potential is obvious, but in application, it comes with a litany of questions that need to be addressed. Among them: ▸ Where is generated code coming from? ▸ Can companies trust that their private data is protected? ▸ What exactly are data models being trained on - and by whom? Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant provides answers to these questions - and more
  8. 12 AI + Automation Choosing the right solution The Ansible

    Lightspeed experience Roadmap Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant
  9. Choosing the right solution To succeed at scale with generative

    AI, you have to be able to trust it. Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant brings trusted generative AI into the automation creation experience. It is built on three key pillars: Transparency Collaboration Choice
  10. Built to ensure transparency ✓ The Ansible content used to

    train the model is sourced from open data, including Ansible Galaxy, then fine-tuned with Red Hat and IBM subject matter expertise. ✓ Ansible Lightspeed will always attempt to match the source of each generated suggestion to the potential source, including its author and license. Choosing the right solution Collaboration Transparency Choice
  11. End-User experience Web Services Empower seasoned Ansible users to automate

    with more speed + efficiency Make it easier for automators of all skill levels to write Ansible code AI infrastructure + experience Foundation models Service Integrations Data pre + post processing Machine Learning Tools Model Runtime + Training Pipeline Ansible Lightspeed IBM watsonx Code Assistant Goals Built in collaboration Choosing the right solution Collaboration Transparency Choice
  12. Benefits for the entire DevSecOps team Choosing the right solution

    Collaboration Transparency Choice Automators Developers Developers get a major productivity boost directly in their code editing environment. Ansible Lightspeed is built to help them accelerate Ansible playbook, role and module creation. With just a basic understanding of YAML syntax, automators can describe the automation that they hope to create in natural language, and get playbook code generated in return. Ansible Lightspeed helps get automation subject matter expertise out of their heads - and into usable code. Operators Operators can have confidence that code being generated is compliant and reliable. Ansible Lightspeed is an enhancement to the automation platform they already know and trust.
  13. Ansible Lightspeed also gives users the opportunity to provide feedback

    directly via the VS Code extension, in order to: ▸ Ensure that the service is meeting user automation development needs ▸ Improve the quality and relevance of recommendations All Ansible Galaxy contributors have a choice as to whether their work is used to train the model. Choosing the right solution Built to deliver choice Collaboration Transparency Choice
  14. Choosing the right solution Protecting your data Collaboration Transparency Choice

    Customer data is isolated and will not leak into other customer data Data used to train customer models will only be sourced from each specific customer PII scrubbing Training data security Anonymization Data isolation Ansible best practices
  15. ▸ Purpose-built to accelerate the Ansible experience ▸ Uniquely positioned

    to offer an enterprise-grade AI solution for Ansible. ▸ Designed to deliver high-quality, contextual suggestions. ▸ Natively integrated into Ansible Visual Studio Code extension. ▸ Augments and enhances Ansible content creation experience. Non-disruptive. ▸ Works collectively with Ansible Content tools, such as Ansible Lint Key differentiators Choosing the right solution A singular focus on automation Meeting automators where they work
  16. Choosing the right solution A trusted generative AI experience, engineered

    for the enterprise Transparency Collaboration Choice Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant A singular focus on automation Meeting automators where they work Red Hat +IBM: Ansible community | Automation SME | AI infrastructure | Enterprise expertise
  17. AI + Automation Choosing the right solution The Ansible Lightspeed

    experience Roadmap Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant
  18. Capability in Tech Preview: Task Generation ▸ Generate tasks for

    a playbook or role from natural language task description ▸ Ansible Lightspeed suggests Ansible Tasks within Ansible Playbook and Ansible Task files The Ansible Lightspeed Experience
  19. Key feature: Content source matching ▸ Ansible Lightspeed will always

    attempt to clearly reference the original sources of content for maximum transparency and trust. ▸ Each suggestion will include potential source, its author and license. The Ansible Lightspeed Experience
  20. Key feature: Post-processing ▸ Ansible Lightspeed’s post-processing capability augments model

    suggestions with Ansible best practices, subject matter expertise, and more. ▸ This processing and strong contextual awareness stems from our unique insight into the Ansible code base, and proven experience helping customers automate at scale. The Ansible Lightspeed Experience
  21. AI + Automation Choosing the right solution The Ansible Lightspeed

    experience Roadmap Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant
  22. ▸ Full playbook generation ▹ Generate multiple related tasks from

    a single prompt to create full playbooks ▸ Content Monitoring and Improvement ▹ Monitor Ansible content repositories for improvements and receive automatic pull requests ▸ REST APIs ▹ Integrate CI/CD pipelines, developer tools, and other systems ▸ Model Fine Tuning ▹ Use watsonx Code Assistant to create custom Ansible recommendation models Near term Now Ansible Lightspeed service offering roadmap ▸ Ansible Task Generation ▹ Use natural language in an Ansible Task description to generate a contextual suggestion. ▸ VS Code Extension ▹ Access through the Ansible VS Code extension ▸ Technical Preview ▹ Use the service for free through the technical preview ▹ Available now ▸ Content Discovery and Matching ▹ Find existing Ansible content instead of writing from scratch ▸ Content Description ▹ Generate descriptive documentation about the automation you build ▸ Content Controls ▹ Specific controls around data sent to Ansible Lightspeed ▸ New User Interfaces ▹ Web-based, CLI, and other code editors ▸ Custom Post-Processing ▹ Parse unstructured data into structures ▸ Runbook Recommendations ▹ Support recommendations for Event-Driven Ansible Long term Roadmap
  23. Ansible Lightspeed Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant: Technical

    Preview Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant: Commercial version Access VSCode extension VSCode extension REST APIs Git Repository Scanning Capabilities Task generation Content generation Content discovery Content optimization Content explanation Data sets Ansible Galaxy Watsonx.ai Foundation Models + custom data model import Vendor Red Hat Red Hat & IBM Pricing Free Per seat Availability June 2023 Q4 2023
  24. Next Steps redhat.com/ansible-lightspeed ▸ Get started with the service ▸

    Community docs ▸ Technical Preview video ▸ Technical preview blog