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Super Plumber Bros: An event streaming game with change data capture and OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

Aykut Bulgu
December 02, 2022

Super Plumber Bros: An event streaming game with change data capture and OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka

Aykut Bulgu

December 02, 2022

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  1. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 An event streaming game with change data

    capture and OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka Super Plumber Bros Aykut Bulgu Senior Content Architect 1
  2. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 Me as Code 2 #oc apply -f

    aykutbulgu.yaml apiVersion: redhat/v4.2 kind: Senior Content Architect metadata: name: Aykut Bulgu namespace: Red Hat Global Learning Services annotations: twitter: @systemcraftsman email: - [email protected] - [email protected] organizer: Software Craftsmanship Turkey founder: System Craftsman labels: married: yes children: 1 interests: - tech (mostly kafka) - aikido - gamification - stoicism spec: replicas: 1 containers: - image: aykut:latest
  3. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 What is Apache Kafka 8 Developed at

    LinkedIn back in 2010, open sourced in 2011 Distributed by design High throughput Designed to be fast, scalable, durable and highly available Data partitioning (sharding) Ability to handle huge number of consumers What is Apache Kafka?
  4. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 Kafka use-cases 9 Apache Kafka product ecosystem

    in use today Digital experiences Delivers real-time experiences with immediate access to information and response time Microservices applications Loosely couples microservices so development teams can remain agile Streaming ETL Modernize applications driven by batch data for real-time performance Real-time analytics Ingest data from multiple sources for better business insights Edge & hybrid scenarios Collect data from diverse and disparate devices and systems
  5. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 Kafka in Red Hat 10 Red Hat’s

    commitment to Kafka-based products A history of innovation and success Red Hat brings Kafka to Kubernetes and launches Red Hat AMQ Streams (Red Hat Integration) Ecosystem to deliver event-driven solutions Customer success Kafka innovation since 2018
  6. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 Kafka in Red Hat 11 Based on

    OSS project called Strimzi Container images for running Apache Kafka and Zookeeper Operators for managing and configuring Apache Kafka clusters, topics and users Simplified deployment on OpenShift Broker, Connect, Streams, Mirror Maker, Java clients & management tools Apache Zookeeper (as a Kafka dependency) Enterprise distribution of Apache Kafka Red Hat AMQ Streams
  7. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 Strimzi and AMQ Streams 12 AMQ Streams

    Cluster Operator Kafka CR Kafka Zookeeper Deploys & manages cluster Topic Operator User Operator Topic CR User CR Manages topics & users
  8. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka 16 The

    value of Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka (RHOSAK) Faster application velocity Reduce complexity across all clouds Kafka ecosystem for streams-based applications Begin developing immediately and continuously respond to change Hides the complexity of managing the infrastructure to provide scalable, reliable and always-on Kafka service Delivers a curated set of cloud services to simplify delivery of stream-based applications
  9. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 Benefits 17 Kafka at core Choose your

    interface, your interaction Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka A dedicated Apache Kafka cluster delivered as a service in the cloud and location of choice Metrics & monitoring Automated provisioning Hosted & managed (99.95% SLA) 24x7 global premium support Kafka cluster STREAMLINED DEVELOPER EXPERIENCE Configuration mgmt Self-service UI Service binding operator API CLI ▸ Self-service UI, custom CLI and exposed APIs that provide a developer-first, consistent experience ▸ Automated provisioning of pre-configured, dedicated Kafka instances ▸ Intuitive UI for topics and partitions creations ▸ Integrated identify and access management ▸ Metrics and monitoring to assess the health of Kafka topics ▸ Connect to any workloads on Red Hat OpenShift using the service binding operator
  10. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 RHOAS CLI 19 Red Hat OpenShift Application

    Services CLI This CLI allows developers to create managed cloud services and connect them to OpenShift cluster
  11. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 How to access the Managed Kafka trial

    20 Try Kafka! No cost - no strings attached red.ht/TryKafka • Spin up your own Kafka cluster • Create your topics and its partitions • Connect your producers and consumers • Get started with the quick starts • Integrate your apps to the service Managed Kafka cluster • Access for 48 hours • Limited number of topics & brokers Time and resource limited • Go to: red.ht/TryKafka • Create your own Red Hat account • Sign-in to try the service Sign-up
  12. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 How to access the Managed Kafka trial

    21 Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka is different Sign-in to console.redhat.com Create a Kafka cluster (free trial for 48 hours) Navigate to OpenShift Streams UI No OpenShift cluster is necessary. Sign-in. Create a Kafka cluster. Connect.
  13. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 CONFIDENTIAL Designator Developing Event-Driven Applications with Apache

    Kafka and Red Hat AMQ Streams (AD482) Designing and developing event-driven applications using Kafka and Red Hat AMQ Streams. Kafka course 24
  14. CONFIDENTIAL designator V0000000 linkedin.com/company/red-hat youtube.com/user/RedHatVideos facebook.com/redhatinc twitter.com/RedHat 26 Red Hat

    is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions. Award-winning support, training, and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted adviser to the Fortune 500. Thank you