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A day in a coffee shop: Building event-driven systems with structure

A day in a coffee shop: Building event-driven systems with structure

Red Hat Webinars, Jul 29th 2021


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Aykut Bulgu

July 29, 2021

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  1. Building event-driven systems with structure A day in a coffee

    shop Aykut Bulgu Services Content Architect 1
  2. Me as Code 2 #oc apply -f aykutbulgu.yaml apiVersion: redhat/v3.2

    kind: Services Content Architect metadata: name: Aykut Bulgu namespace: Red Hat Global Learning Services annotations: twitter: @systemcraftsman email: - [email protected] - [email protected] organizer: Software Craftsmanship Turkey founder: System Craftsman labels: married: yes children: 1 interests: - tech (mostly kafka) - aikido - gamification - stoicism spec: replicas: 1 containers: - image: aykut:latest
  3. Agenda 3 • HTTP-request based architecture and its drawbacks. •

    Event-driven Architecture with Red Hat AMQ streams and how it solves problems by reducing the coupling between services. • Schema types like JSON, protobuf, Avro. • Contract-based, event-driven architecture with Red Hat Service Registry and its capabilities.
  4. 8 Truth behind the baristas Kaffe shop rule: Prepare in

    1.5 seconds or not Barista capacity: 0-5 seconds preparation time
  5. Apache Kafka Apache Kafka with AMQ Streams 23 Kafka Topic

    Producer Consumer 1 2 3 1 2 3 Time-based message retention model by default Messages are retained according to topic config (time or capacity) Also “compacted topic” – like a “last-value topic” “Dumb broker, smart client” Client maintains position in message stream Message stream can be replayed Throughput up to 1 million mes./sec.
  6. Apache Kafka with AMQ Streams 24 AMQ Streams on RHEL

    AMQ Streams on OpenShift OpenShift Streams Apache Kafka with AMQ Streams
  7. Apache Kafka with AMQ Streams 25 Cluster Operator Kafka CR

    Kafka Zookeeper Deploys & manages cluster Topic Operator User Operator Topic CR User CR Manages topics & users
  8. Red Hat Service Registry 49 • Based on the upstream

    Apicurio project. • Handles following data formats: ◦ Apache Avro ◦ JSON Schema ◦ Protobuf (protocol buffers) • Storage options ◦ Kafka ◦ PostgreSQL
  9. Red Hat Service Registry 50 Schema management with service registry

    Producer Consumer Deserializer Serializer Service Registry | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Apache Kafka Get or Register Schema by Id Retrieve Schema by Id Topic B (JSON) Topic C (Protobuf) Topic A (Avro) Send Serialized Data Retrieve Serialized Data
  10. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Developing Event-Driven Applications with Apache Kafka and Red

    Hat AMQ Streams (AD482) Designing and developing event-driven applications using Kafka and Red Hat AMQ Streams. New course 56 LEARN MORE This course will be available next month, but the hands-on labs are available now in the Red Hat Learning Subscription. You can access the Early Access content by logging into your account and clicking the “Early Access” button in the top menu bar. If you’re not a subscriber, learn more about the Red Hat Learning Subscription.
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