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There is nothing much difference between Abap and HR Abap. The way we retrieve the data from data base is different. In general ABAP data is stored in Tables, but coming to HR ABAP employee data is sorted through Infotypes. The way we retrieve the data from infotypes is different in HR Abap.
In general ABAP we use Logical data base very rare, as in HR ABAP most of the programs use Logical data base to select data from Infotypes by using Get event. In ABAP we use read statement to read particular record, still in HR ABAP we do use read statement apart from that we have Macros and provide statement.
Macro is pre defined code (like function module) which reads data from internal table (internal infotype) based on dates. Provide statement is like Select statement but selects data from internal table Storage and access of data in HR Abap is completely different in HR Abap comparing with ABAP. We use transaction code PA20 and PA30 to maintain data in infotypes.
The ABAP HR is an integral part of ABAP. Generally in ABAP the following are done:
Table development
Date Processing
Report developing
Data base update
Screens development/enhancement
Scripts and smart forms
Function Building
Java connectors

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June 05, 2014


  1. By By Mahender Mahender, , Coke Coke- -HP HR Team

    HP HR Team Comparison Between ABAP & Comparison Between ABAP & ABAP ABAP- -HR HR Online | classroom| Corporate Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support Contact us: Contact us: USA: USA: +1 +1- -6786933994 6786933994 India India- - +91 +91- -9052666559 9052666559 Email: Visit :
  2. • Introduction to Human Resources Module • Basic elements of

    HR • Let’s recap the ABAP • Features of ABAP-HR programming / Special Statements
  3. Human Resources & sub modules Personnel Management Time Management Payroll

    Benefits Benefits Organizational Management Training & Event Management Travel Management Information System
  4. Basic Elements of HR

  5. 5 Some Important terms Company Code Cost Center Personnel area

    Payroll area Personnel Sub-area Organizational unit Employee Group Job Employee Subgroup Position
  6. ABAP RECAP Generally in ABAP the following are done :

    1) Table development via SE11 2) Data Processing through internal tables 2) Data Processing through internal tables 3) Report development through SELECT statements 4) Data base updation through BDC / BAPI 5) SAP Queries 6) Scripts and smart forms
  7. What is ABAP HR Specialization? Programming with Info types Logical

    Data Base Macros Dealing with the Repetitive structures Cluster Programming for Payroll / Time aspects Cluster Programming for Payroll / Time aspects Storage and access of data Special programming commands Authorization checks Ad-hoc queries HR Forms Interface Toolbox
  8. 8 What is an Infotype? A group of related data

    fields Appears as an entry screen for the user Time dependent storage. Identifiable through a four character numerical string Concepts of Infotypes Identifiable through a four character numerical string Database table associated with it PAnnnn for transparent tables in Personnel Administration PBnnnn for transparent tables in Recruitment HRPnnnn for transparent tables in Personnel Planning
  9. 9 Number Ranges 0000 – 0999 HR Master Data 1000

    – 1990 Personnel Planning 2000 – 2999 Time Management 4000 – 4999 Recruitment 9000 – 9999 Customer Specific Examples Org Assignment – 0001, Personal Data – 0002 Addresses – 0006, Family Member/Dependents - 0021
  10. None
  11. 11 Transparent Table – PAxxxx Fields of Transparent Table PA0002

  12. 12 Infotype 0002 Personal Data

  13. Retrieve data from Infotypes By using the FM HR_READ_INFOTYPE Class:

  14. 14 To reduce programming efforts, HR often make use of

    the logical databases when creating reports. Logical databases are special ABAP Programs that provides Standard selection screen, Data retrieval and Authorization check. Logical Databases used In HR Logical Databases in HR 1. PAP ( Applicant administration ) 2. PNP ( Personnel Management ) 3. PNPCE - Enhanced version of PNP available form SAP Enterprise version onwards ( Personnel Management ) 4. PCH ( Organisational Management ) 5. PTRVP ( Travel Management ) The Logical Databases PNP and PCH are mostly used.
  15. 15 Macros in HR • Like subroutines and function modules,

    macro modules can be used to modularize programs. Macro modules are frequently used in HR. • These macros are defined in program SAPDBPNP (include DBPNPMAC) with the keyword DEFINE. They can be used in any program that uses the logical database keyword DEFINE. They can be used in any program that uses the logical database PNP. • If you want to use these macros in reports that do not use the logical database PNP, you must include program DBPNPMAC with the keyword INCLUDE. • You can also define your own macros. In accordance with the naming convention, the first two letters stand for the application. • Some macros are also stored in the Macros in ABAP Programs table (TRMAC)
  16. It is not necessary to include logical database PNP in

    your program when you are using the macro like RP-READ-INFOTYPE A B C D E , where A corresponds to PERNR which describes for which personnel number you require records. B corresponds to INFOTYPE which describes from which infotype you require records. require records. C corresponds to data structure of the declared infotype (internal table like p0000 for infotype 0000) where all the records of the particular personnel number will be stored. D corresponds to Start date. E corresponds to End date.
  17. Clusters in HR Database Tables PCLn Purpose of clusters 17

    PCLn PCLn A1 A2 A3
  18. Files & Clusters PCL1 PCL1 PCL2 PCL2 PCL3 PCL3 PCL4

    PCL4 PCL5 PCL5 STXL STXL TX TA TX TA RU ID RU ID • TY • AP • TY • AP • P2 • U1 • P2 • U1 PY CP PY CP • TX • TX
  19. Special ABAP Statements for HR 1. DO n TIMES VARYING

  20. Evaluating Repetitive Structures Various scenarios IT-0008 (Basic Pay) IT-0025 IT-0025

    (Appraisals) IT-0041 (Date Specifications) IT-0052 (Wage Maintenance)
  21. None
  22. Importance of Do / End Do Varying statement in this

    situation DO 20 TIMES VARYING s_wagetypes FROM p0008-lga01 NEXT p0008-lga02. IF s_wagetypes-wage type IS INITIAL. EXIT. ELSE. WRITE: / s_wagetypes-wagetype, s_wagetypes-amount. ENDIF. ENDDO.
  23. January – June Hamburg How can we know in which

    time period an employee worked at which job and at which address he or she resided during this time? How does Provide statement work? June – December Munich January – April Programmer May - December Course instructor
  24. The ABAP syntax for the provide is as follows: PROVIDE

    * FROM Pmmmm * FROM Pnnnn BETWEEN PN-BEGDA AND PN-ENDDA. BETWEEN PN-BEGDA AND PN-ENDDA. January - April Hamburg / programmer May - June Hamburg / course instructor July - December Munich / Course instructor
  25. 25 Importing / Exporting Using a Buffer Export Program UPDATE

  26. Reporting with Import / Export statements To minimize the number

    of times that the database is accessed, import and export data is buffered in the main memory. If a test run is performed, the database is not updated. However, the payroll results of the previous period form the basis of the calculation used to determine the 26 form the basis of the calculation used to determine the results of the subsequent period. For this reason, a difference arises between the results of a live payroll run and the results of a test run if test runs are performed for several periods. Using the buffer enables you to access the required results from the previous period.
  27. I ) The clusters can be called from macros. RP-IMP-Cn-xx

    ( n = 1,2,3,4 and xx is cluster) RP-EXP-Cn-xx ( n = 1,2,3,4 and xx is cluster) II) Use the following code in your ABAP programs to import II) Use the following code in your ABAP programs to import data from a cluster. IMPORT ITAB1 ITAB2 STRUC1............. FROM DATABASE TABNAME(CLUSTER_ID) ID KEY EXPORT ITAB1 ITAB2 STRUC1 TO DATABASE TABNAME(CLUSTER_ID) ID KEY.
  28. HR Form editor • HR form editor is a Customizing

    tool used for designing payroll related forms in HR. • Transaction code is PE51 PE51 PE51 PE51. • Forms are required for creating employee or enterprise- specific statements, for example: 28 1. Remuneration Statement 2. Payroll Account 3. Wage Type Statement 4. Other Statements
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