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Microservices (Muko moja)

Microservices (Muko moja)

Nemanja Maric

June 22, 2022

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  1. About me • PHP Developer at Orange Hill Development •

    Member of PHP Serbia Community • Co-organizer Laravel Serbia Meetup’s and PHP Serbia Meetup’s • Working with PHP since 2014 • In Laravel world from 2016 • Open source contributor • Contributing to the Laravel Framework • And most !important: Husband and father of two little angels
  2. Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as

    a collection of services that are • Highly maintainable and testable • Loosely coupled • Independently deployable • Organized around business capabilities • Owned by a small team
  3. Pros and cons 1. Ability to work from local 2.

    One service one repo 3. We are not tightly coupled to a language 4. Development speed • Many repositories for a small team • Debugging • Small teams have trouble to keep track of changes
  4. Security Security must be always a high priority for us

    developers. Security in Microservices architecture is easy, and just one step in architecture design principles. There are several ways how we can handle this: • OAuth • JWT • Basic Auth
  5. Basic Auth Simplest and easiest way to secure your microservice.

    Like that, they are far from the best choice. Keep in mind that simple and easy solutions are also the same for a potential hacker to break your app. How can be implement? We need to add the middleware, to be the first layer of our app. Then we can add a Username and Password. Additionally, it’s good to add a IP range that will consume that microservice.