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Holi-what? A more holistic approach towards web projects

Holi-what? A more holistic approach towards web projects

Presented at WordCamp Noord Nederland on February 10 2018

Manuela van Prooijen

February 10, 2018

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  1. Holi-what? A more holistic approach towards web projects Manuela van

    Prooijen @manuelaweblish
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  3. Do not wait ‘till the banana starts dancing for you.

    Throw your own party! Manuela van Prooijen - Weblish WordPress & Online marketing trainer, Guerrilla marketing coach
  4. Holistic? The parts of something are all connected….. A website,

    like a human body, has different parts, but is only able to function properly when all those parts work together towards a same objective….
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  6. Having just a pretty website is not enough !

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  8. Sóóó many reasons why websites FAIL miserably!

  9. 1. Performance 2. Content 3. Direction 4. Usability 5. Focus

    6. Promotion Reasons for failing:
  10. • Lower Google ranking • Poor conversions Performance: >>> Slowwww

    loading time
  11. Test performance • https://testmysite.withgoogle. com Performance: >>> Slowwww loading time

  12. Test performance • https://testmysite.withgoogle. com • Google PageSpeed Insights Performance:

    >>> Slowwww loading time
  13. Test performance • https://testmysite.withgoogle.com • Google PageSpeed Insights • http://tools.pingdom.com

    Performance: >>> Slowwww loading time
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  15. Time for a change!!!

  16. • Choose better hosting (Savvii, WP Engine) • Optimize your

    images (WP Smush, Kraken) • Use caching plugin, or turn on Varnish • Use a content delivery network (CDN). Performance: >>> improve it !
  17. Who has the skills to improve Performance?

  18. None
  19. • Hard to read • Not customer-focused • Focus on

    features not benefits. • Bad writing (poor grammar) Poor content:
  20. • Benefits: “What’s in it for me?” • Problem solving:

    “Can you help me fix MY problem?” • Communicates investment: “What will it cost to have problem fixed?” Great content:
  21. • Remember: each page has a goal ! • Write

    with bullets, headings, bold…. • Use readable fonts • Use plenty of whitespace • Don’t use jargon: keep it simple! Optimize content:
  22. Who has the skills to improve Content?

  23. None
  24. • Too much focus on getting eyes on the website,

    less on closing the sale • No calls to action • Not leading the visitor by visual clues! • “If we I build it they will come” mentality • Too much going on in the site: confusing! • Just focused on ‘pretty design’ • Confusing navigation Lack of direction:
  25. Who has the skills to improve Direction? • Graphic Designers

    ? • Web Designers ? • Online Marketeers ?
  26. None
  27. • Is the website easy to navigate? • Does it

    display well on mobile? • Can I find what I am looking for? • Are the choices clear? • Do I have to wait long for the site to open? Usability: Create a positive user experience
  28. • Use do-it-yourself usability tests (Steve Krug – Rocket Science

    Made Easy) • Hotjar, CrazyEgg, LuckyOrange (clickmaps, heatmaps, video’s) Usability: Understand your user’s decisions
  29. • Clickmaps Usability: LuckyOrange

  30. None
  31. • Clickmaps • Move maps Usability: LuckyOrange

  32. None
  33. • Clickmaps • Move maps • Scroll maps Usability: LuckyOrange

  34. • Clickmaps • Move maps • Scrollmaps • Visitor video

    Usability: LuckyOrange
  35. None
  36. Who has the skills to improve Usability?

  37. None
  38. • No focused keyword strategy • Audience has no clue

    what site is about • Google has no clue what site is about Poor focus:
  39. • Learn about keywords + optimization -> Yoast.com is great

    resource! • Do keyword and competitor research -> Google Adwords Keyword Planner • Define your target audience • Have your website reviewed to discover flaws Improve focus:
  40. Who can improve a website’s focus?

  41. None
  42. • Email marketing • Blog marketing • Social Media •

    Advertising • Search engine advertising (SEA) • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Offline Promotion Channels of promotion:
  43. • Know your target market. • Have an SEO strategy

    • Promote where your market hangs out. • Hook your market with a message that speaks to them. • Track your efforts. See what works, or not. Improve promotion:
  44. Who knows how to promote websites? • SEA • Online

    Marketing • Advertising
  45. None
  46. Need for a Holistic approach All these skills are necessary

    to make a web project a success!
  47. So…. let’s work together!

  48. Example of a business with a holistic approach…..

  49. Sterk in media • A company run by Kelly andWendy.

    • Surrounded by a team of solo entrepreneurs: Graphic designers, WordPress professionals, copywriters, webhosting professionals, social media experts, video makers, photographers, direct marketing experts, SEO professionals • Clients first approach! • Aim for great results • “Only work with people you like”
  50. Find your holistic partners Yellow: direction Green: performance Orange: promotion

    Blue: content Red: focus Purple: usability
  51. Case: how can your “team” help this client? • Yoga

    teacher > needs website (has none) • Has multiple yoga classes • Wants people to pay and register for classes through website • Needs 20 new customers per week • 1500 euro budget • Has no experience with online marketing
  52. Wanna share some stories? Manuela van Prooijen @manuelaweblish Buy me

    a beer at the drink afterwards and let’s get the stories flowing !!!