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How to grow your WordPress business by saying ”No!” - WordCamp Tokyo 2017

How to grow your WordPress business by saying ”No!” - WordCamp Tokyo 2017

Many starting WordPress business owners underestimate how long it takes to build a strong foundation for their business. Often, out of desperation, they will take on any job, at any price, no questions asked. Ending up financially and emotionally drained. This is probably a reason why so many businesses close down in their first two years.
Having experienced this myself the hard way, I discovered the power of the tiny word “No!”, the most powerful key we hold to end this rat race.

Saying “No!” is counterintuitive. And it is certainly is not an easy thing to do. But practicing to say “No!” can keep you from disliking your business and the people you do business with. The moment you stop saying ‘Yes” to every opportunity that arises, your WordPress business can grow bigger than you could have imagined.

The “No!” strategy is all about doing the work you are passionate about and are good at, and with the right clients. It really boils down to doing less of the work you dislike, isn’t profitable or does not fit your beliefs.

Learn to say “No!”
I feel the time is right to share some insights about why and how I learned to say no to certain work and clients. I will share my 3-step process that helped me grow my WordPress business over the years …

And remember:
“If it’s not a hell yeah, it’s a no.”


Manuela van Prooijen

September 16, 2017

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  1. Grow your WordPress business by saying ”No!” Manuela van Prooijen

  2. Do not wait ‘till the banana starts dancing for you.

    Throw your own party! Manuela van Prooijen - Weblish WordPress & Online marketing trainer, Guerrilla marketing coach
  3. Saying ‘No’ feels WEIRD !

  4. Really? Saying ‘Yes’ to everything is more strange…

  5. • My struggle with saying ‘No’ • What made me

    change • What is keeping you from saying ‘No’ • Tips to say ‘No’ more often …..in a nice way • How my business changed This talk is about:
  6. My Struggle with Saying ‘No’ !

  7. What made me change!

  8. Let me tell you a story… About an iceberg and

    a loser ! ME !
  9. Does this sound familiar to you?

  10. Have you ever done a job where you did not

    get paid….. …but where you really should have ?
  11. Have you ever worked with someone, even though your gut

    instinct told you “Run for the hills”
  12. Have you ever worked with a client with impossible deadlines….

    …..and yet you gave in ?
  13. Time for a change!!!

  14. No more Human Doormat !

  15. My Easy Three Step Process To Learn How to Say

  16. Step 1: Set a clear goal for your NO Step

    2: Why don’t you say NO? Step 3: 10 tips to say NO !
  17. Step 1 Set a clear goal for your NO My

    goal: “I will be able to say NO in a way I feel comfortable with, and so will my (future) clients”
  18. Step 2 Discover what is really keeping you from saying

  19. 1. You don’t want to be RUDE 2. You don’t

    want to feel REJECTED 3. You just want to HELP 4. You fear CONFRONTATION 5. You feel GUILTY 6. You don’t want to kill RELATIONSHIP 7. You have a fear of Missing Out (FoMo) 8. ….. Any other reasons?
  20. Step 3 10 tips to say NO …. and not

    feel bad about it!
  21. 1. Give a reason Makes you more believable & your

    story checks out.
  22. 2. Do not OVEREXPLAIN Give a reason but do not

    go in to details
  23. 3. Value your time You really get a lot of

    time when you learn to say NO
  24. 4. Be honest Don’t beat around the bush: no ‘maybe’

    or ‘who knows…’
  25. 5. Know the implications of your YES “If I say

    yes here, what am I saying no to and is it worth it?”
  26. 6. Be Polite …. But firm! You can be gentle,

    but pleazzz : no room for discussion!
  27. 7. Delay your decision “I don’t know: let me first

    think about it and get back to you”
  28. 8. Be appreciative & thank people Always thank people for

    asking you…. Do not be rude!
  29. 9. Don’t lie! Lying will make you feel guilty….

  30. 10. Start practicing saying ’No’ Start with friends and family

    in small steps & grow confidence!
  31. • Focus on high-end programs • Less bad-paying and stressful

    jobs • More fun and good-paying clients • No more rat race: more time off ! • …. A peace of mind How has Saying ‘No’ changed my business
  32. Want to share your stories ? Manuela van Prooijen @manuelaweblish

    | manuela@weblish.nl | weblish.nl