From Ruby to Rubymotion

From Ruby to Rubymotion

Valencia.rb 7/22


Marco Alacot

July 22, 2014


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    What is this all about? Show how it’s like opening

    the box of Rubymotion from the perspective of a Ruby developer. Enumerate the possibilities and the biggest challenges Explain how it works showing some internals and some code.
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    Why Rubymotion? We wanted to do a spike of a

    mobile app No iOS nor Android developers No time nor willing to learn Objective C Many Ruby developers...
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    RubyMotion it’s a toolchain from Hipbyte It was created after

    MacRuby by an ex-Apple employee it allows to develop native apps for iOS and OS X (Android coming soon) using Ruby. What is Rubymotion? COMMERCIAL
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    Ok… It’s a commercial product, but… How much it cost?

    iOS developer license: 99$ per year Rubymotion: 199$ TOTAL: 298$
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    We said that we need to know the iOS API´s

    But, is there a way to “rubify” a little bit it’s syntax?
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    Ruby Statically compiled Terminal based toolchain No need to use

    Eclipse (Keep your favourite editor!) Rspec like testing framework Easy debugging with REPL Same features:
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    Swift VS Rubymotion “Your customers care about what’s on the

    surface of your app: does it look, interact, and feel like an iOS app? If you can do that, the language doesn’t matter. ! There is no right answer to this question. Choose what the language that speaks to you and then go build something awesome.” ! Justin Williams, Learning How To Make Sausage
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    Conclusions Rubymotion it’s not only the possibility to use Ruby

    for develop iOS and Android apps The framework API’s have always been the secret sauce. Whether you’re using Objective-C, Swift, C#, or Ruby you’re still going to have to learn how to use a UIButton or a UITableView. Swift, Ruby or Objective C are only tools, you can do great thinks with any, choose what tool you love the most!