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Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

Mastering Social Media Mining with Python

This presentation will introduce the new book "Mastering Social Media Mining with Python" to the PyData audience. The book covers the interaction with Social Media platforms and several applications of Data Mining techniques to social data, in Python.


Marco Bonzanini

August 02, 2016


  1. Mastering! Social Media Mining! with Python Marco Bonzanini

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  3. Social Media Data Mining Python

  4. • Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, Blogs, Wikipedia,

    DBpedia, Linked Data and Semantic Web, … • Natural Language Processing, Classification, Clustering, Time Series, Geolocation, Social Network Analysis, … • scikit-learn, NumPy, pandas, NLTK, matplotlib, folium, … Main Topics
  5. @MarcoBonzanini @IanOzsvald Tracking what people talk about

  6. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  7. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  8. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  9. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  10. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  11. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  12. Tracking Events - #RWC2015Final

  13. Geolocation - #RWC2015Final

  14. Geolocation and Interactive Maps

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