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Python Core Workflow Updates

6b6e72d297aa0270654a0d4575f1287e?s=47 Mariatta
April 16, 2020

Python Core Workflow Updates

Presented at Python Language Summit 2020



April 16, 2020


  1. CORE WORKFLOW UPDATES Python Language Summit 2020 @mariatta

  2. Python Triage Team • Abilities on GitHub: • Apply labels,

    Close/reopen issues & PRs, request PR review • Can’t merge, Can’t delete comments, Can’t Lock conversation • Not just on CPython repo, but across other repos owned by core devs (e.g. devguide miss-islington, bedevere, etc) • Docs: https://devguide.python.org/triaging/#python-triage-team Core Workflow Updates
  3. Python Triage Team • How to become a member? •

    Create an issue on core-workflow repo, using “Python Triage Membership” template • Only one core dev’s approval is needed • Once approved: ask Ernest to add them on GitHub • Docs: https://devguide.python.org/triaging/#becoming-a-member-of-the-python-triage- team Core Workflow Updates
  4. Python Triage Team • Several Triage Team members are now

    core developers • Let’s recognize active contributors and nominate them Core Workflow Updates
  5. PEP 581/588 Using GitHub Issues • We’re still not using

    GitHub Issues • PSF to hire a PM • Issue tracker to collect feedback: https://github.com/python/core- workflow/issues/359 Core Workflow Updates
  6. Python’s CLA • Existing workflow is not great and very

    manual • Manually checking the signed CLA • Manually update the user’s account in b.p.o • Manually re-check the PR (using check_python_cla app) Core Workflow Updates
  7. Python’s CLA • Build our own the very best Python’s

    CLA system™ • Requirements: https://github.com/python/core-workflow/issues/360 • EdgeDB team is ready to start working on it • But needs some info about current infrastructure Core Workflow Updates
  8. Not so new: Automerge • Use it • Edit the

    PR’s title and description • Apply the [ automerge] label • Conditions: • CI passed • [awaiting merge] label • CLA signed • No [Do-not-merge] label Core Workflow Updates
 @mariatta Commit title Commit message { {
  9. Not so new: Automerge • What if you don’t use

    automerge? • You have to change the PR title before merging From #NNNNN to GH-NNNN Core Workflow Updates
  10. Not so new: Automerge • What if you don’t change

    the PR number? Core Workflow Updates
 @mariatta Points to bpo-19422
  11. Not so new: Initial state of Core Devs’ PRs •

    Core devs’ PRs now start with [awaiting core review] label • It used to start in the state of [awaiting merge] Core Workflow Updates
  12. Communication Channels • Zulip • No longer monitored by core

    devs • Discourse • What’s the status? Core Workflow Updates
  13. Q & A Core Workflow Updates