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IntelliJ IDEA: Productivity tips

Mario Arias
February 17, 2017

IntelliJ IDEA: Productivity tips

Lunch & Learn at Cake Solutions' office in Manchester

Mario Arias

February 17, 2017

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  1. IntelliJ IDEA Productivity tips Cake Solutions’ L&L

  2. About me IntelliJ IDEA user for 13 years (since version

    4.0) Plugin Author (IntelliStripes, now defunct)
  3. Content Fonts Commands File Templates Live Templates Custom TODOs Interesting

  4. Default Darcula theme Fonts

  5. Improved Darcula theme

  6. TRIGGER WARNING!!! Tasteless joke ahead

  7. Fira code (ligatures) Size 15 Different colours (foreground and background)

    and/or emphasis (italic, bold, under-strike and others) for different elements (Classes, Trait/Interface, Object, Type alias, apply and implicit method invocations and so on)
  8. Fonts

  9. Colours

  10. Commands Recent files (default: Cmd + E)

  11. Split Vertically/Horizontally (no default)

  12. Column selection mode (default: Cmd + shift + 8) *

    I have mine configured with Cmd + alt + ctrl + ]
  13. Multiple selection mode (Alt + shift + Button 1 Click)

  14. File Templates

  15. Live templates

  16. Velocity variables

  17. Emmet http://emmet.io/

  18. Custom TODOs

  19. Interesting plugins Rust Go Erlang Cursive (Clojure) Haskel plugins (3

    of them) Bash Ruby Python Markdown .ignore Advance Java Folding AceJump UUID (2 of them) Sequence Diagram